Chaz Todd Finley Finleys Total Boat restorations Lippincott Partner Crimes

Chaz Todd Finley - Finley´s Total Boat Restorations again gets caught out with the old parts charged as new scam, this has been told before most reviews get scrubbed quick, this one he actually answered and so from the facebook here is the story in the snapshot.  See what you think and 10,000 dollars for a simple refurbish seems very high, you would think at least that the boat would work afterwards?  NO not the case ,well read the Snapshot see what you think?

Chaz Todd Finley Finleys Total Boat restorations Lippincott Partner Crimes  Chaz Todd Finley Finleys Total Boat restorations Lippincott Partner Crimes

If you read this , clearly shows used parts , yes the old grab a old engine clean the part stuff it in charge the Customer new retail Price routine !!  many times this has been told.  Now read more , note the Boat he was trying to sell , even that broke down !  What kind of operation is that? 10k down and a boat unuseable.  What about the fool who got suckered into buying the loan Boat?  what fun can they expect, with it not making a day on the water.  WHAT does this tell you?

SIMPLE When you see the class of people your boat is being done by?  Check out the Partner Top mechanic Christopher Lippincott  aka "druggyLogan","PervyLogan","SickoLogan","Logan Runnin" as he is known on youtube, and online.

A FACT  Finley is proud of, so proud he covers his crimes day in day out and enjoys the thrill of telling there selected victims jokes like "oh Logan yea sacked him found him wanking in the toilet 2 times !!"  What a sick thing to say, shows the mind set of the whole Lippincott - Todd Finley Partnership .. 

YOU Wonder if Lippincott and Finley are not a team - well watch the Court Video as its proved beyond doubt, they are like peas in a sick pod..  BOTH GUILTY Of endless sick stuff.

How much of a team? Well enough to provide a PC at Workshop level to save bringing dirt in to the office, so daytime Slanders and harassment can be done while you work. see below as latest videos of 8-8-2017 in finleys workshops the PC workstation on youtube.

Finleys TBR Total Boat restorations Repairs in Haltom City Texas

Now video BELOW listen to the REAL side of Christopher Lippincott they keep hidden, the side that got him his criminal record for GBH. such a nice warm friendly welcome awaits you at Finleys !!

guilty finley lippincott team 

AVOID - If you have Kids or Women .YOU have been advised so when your either blackmailed slandered or beat up by Chris Lippincott with a baseball bat as he is so proud of. You was warned.