As we all know Dazza has been Christopher Lippincott / Lippencott's defender and friend for many years. Well it seems that Christopher Lippencott has now targeted his long term friend!  Below you will see a video of the many videos Christopher Lippincott / Lippencott of Haltom City Texas made in ONE day to attack, harass, Blackmail, and to try to manipulate his best defender and pal Dazza!

Below is a video showing a few examples of the personal attack and attempted Blackmail that Christopher Lippincott  did towards his long term friend Dazza!



As you can see from the video he basically tried to manipulate Dazza to do as he says or else! In Christopher Lippencott's usual manner if people do not do as he says, even his long time friends will be harassed and attacked and will have their personal info shown for all to see in the form of Youtube Videos!!  This is the usual way Christopher Lippincott does things, and has no regards for his friends or anyone!!

 As you will see below Dazza tried by commenting to him about what he was doing, but Christopher Lippincott was and is still adamant that Dazza and everyone else must do as he says or else!!

Dazza response to Blackmail from Christopher Lippincot Haltom City Texas

As you can see Dazza clearly states that he has defended him and helped him to try to get him out of trouble with his previous Blackmail's and threats to other people , their family and their children. Dazza has for years defended him with his Blackmail and having childrens pictures!  Christopher Lippincott/ Lippencott has no morals when it comes to getting his own way!!  You can clearly see he has a deep hatred for the guy they are speaking about, even going to the means of stating that this website belongs to him!!

From the above comment you can clearly see that Dazza is now claiming that it is Christopher Lippincotts own fault because he made a video stating he had  someones Children's pictures and was clearly trying to Blackmail them . We at Youtube Rats have been showing the evidence of this for years, and Dazza has always defended him stating it wasn't true!. Now Dazza has had a taste of his own medicine from his friend, he now decides to admit that the articles on here about Christopher Lippincott  are correct and he did in fact have someone's children's pictures and did also try to Blackmail them!!

Christopher Lippincott attacks people with disabilities

 Christopher Lippincott has now decided that Dazz's medical condition, is fake and this must be shown to everyone , and must be true as he has the PROOF as usual! Christopher Lippincott has decided that his good friend Dazza is now a benefit fraud and that New Zealand  benefit system should be informed about it! As Dazza said in his response to Christopher Lippincott this did not bother him, while he was helping him,and trying to  help cover up what he had done to others!! So now

Christopher Lippincott/Lippencott is telling everyone that his long term friend Dazza has been committing Benefit Fraud for several years!

Still after Dazza stating he did all these things to people and being told he was in the wrong Christopher Lippincott still believes in his own sick mind he is the one wronged and will turn against everyone who says so. 

 So the conclusion is that at least Dazza has grown a pair and decided to stand up to Christopher Lippincott and not to be manipulated or Blackmailed by him!

Christopher Lippincott who will clean up my shitChristopher Lippencott help me clean up my shit

Well Christopher Lippincott/Lippencott still has one good friend left who will try and clean the shit left behind by him !

CJ comes along to clean up after Christopher Lippincott

He still has his ANGEL CJ. She has always been there to try to clean up the mess Christopher Lippincott leaves trailing behind him, and to put his dummy back in for him!

The Angel CJ is also a good friend of Dazza's, all three of them have been there together helping fill the "BIG FILE" and to help Christopher Lippincott to get people he decides not to like off Youtube.

The Angel CJ always comes back on the scene when Christopher Lippincott needs help, either by hounding people with private messages to try to convince them that everything that is said about Christopher Lippincott is not true and everyone is against him! She does this time after time even when she has seen how he has attacked people !!

Even in his latest attack against her friend Dazza , she was quickly on the scene telling everyone its not his fault!!


CJ Defends her Blackmailing Friend Christopher Lippincott/ LippencottCJ Cleaning up after Christopher Lippincott/Lippencott Haltom City Texas

As you can see the Angel CJ posts where ever she can to defend Christopher Lippincott, this is the only time you will see her! If you notice she is not saying in these comments about what he has done to her friend Dazza. She is more concerned that someone else made a video about what Christopher Lippincott had done to Dazza, and she is saying that it should have been done in private! She never commented anywhere that what Christopher Lippincott had done to others  should have been done in Private!!

No the Angel CJ is just saddened by what Christopher Lippincott has done to Dazza her long time friend! Same as she was around when Christopher Lippincott has tried to Blackmail people , yet she has not once done what Dazza has and stopped defending him doing these disgusting things to people!!

Yes whenever Christopher Lippincott is in trouble the Angel magically appears to wipe his nose, clean his mess up, stoke his bruised ego!! Whenever he's in financial difficulty he suddenly gets the help he needs.!!  Whatever scam or lie hes telling at the time, she is there to try to make people believe the lie!.  Maybe the Angel CJ likes to be held ransom by Christopher Lippincott as it seems to be that way!!

So Christopher N Lippincott / Lippencott of Haltom City Texas your Angel CJ  will be there the next time to wipe your backside and run around to clean your mess up!! It is obvious whatever you do to people she believes it is always justified!!  Dazza don't expect her to help you though your on your own!!