Chris Lippincott Todd Finley ALERT Article From Lippincott Produced Source

Pedophile ALERT Haltom City Todd Finley logans website Todd Finley TBR Boats Chris Lippincott

Below is the above wordings on website used by Finleys Chris Lippincotts famous website, he proudly boasts and tells others what to put.  Proof above - Watch and HEED..

Pedophile ALERT Haltom City Todd Finley Boats Chris Lippincott

This is the face off Christopher Lippincott from Haltom City, Texas in the United States and also resides in Fort Worth, Texas, USA with his so called sidekick, drug addict and criminal boyfriend Todd Finley also from Haltom City, Texas. This is the business they share, 5005 Loraine St, Haltom City, Texas,Fort Worth,US. In the home & Boats Business is were he continually raped and sexually assualted his friends two year old grandson on three occassions and assisted by his Partner Todd Finley.


Pedophile ALERT Haltom City Todd Finley Boats Chris Lippincott

Companies Christopher Lippincott - Todd Finley Own  - US Tax Fraud

Pedophile ALERT Haltom City Todd Finley Boats Chris Lippincott 1

Google Search - " Christopher Lippincott "  it will bring up all the information on his Boat company, and History and also his family members whom have and still are involved in the Car Boat business. There has been so much fraud going on in the companies and clearly has been doing the tax man in the USA.  Hiding in his shithole in Haltom City - Texas. On the run always hiding from the police in the US.


news Pedophile ALERT Haltom City Todd Finley Boats Chris Lippincott

This poster has been put up around Haltom City, Texas and Fort Worth, Texas, USA. We feel its in the best interests of the public to know that Chris Lippincott is a convicted pedophile and criminal along with his accomplice Todd Finley. They are living close by to other children and to be aware of this scumbag. We ask that you please save the image and email or post it on your social media sites and make others  aware of whats going on around them.  Also if you live near schools  or  playgrounds please make sure this information gets out to parents or email the schools and make them aware also. Christopher Lippincott is an evil predator  who clearly should be still locked up. What he done to his grandson is sick, vile, disgusting attack on a little innocent two year old who's life has been totally destroyed by this sick bastard. Imagine if that happened to a child or baby belonging to your? What would you do?? I know what i would do. i'd kill the bastard and this is exactly what he needs!! Jail wasn't enough for this monster.




Christopher Lippincott  5005 NE Loraine St Haltom City TX Finley TBR Certified Boat Sales Pedophile Alert

This was sent in by one of our many supports.

As you can see they have done a search and found Christopher Lippincott 5005 NE Loraine st Haltom City TX 76117 is on the sex offender search for the Haltom City area

This goes to show what people are finding out about this sick pedophile and his business partner Todd Finley of TBR Certified Boat sales.

This is the reason why people who support YoutubeRats are getting attacked online with false information. This is what pedophiles do, when they and their sick friends who cover for them are getting found out.

They hope by doing so, will make the People who disclose these Pedophiles run and hide.

We at YoutubeRats will not be held to ransome and will not be Blackmailed. We will make sure we carry on showing you who all these sicko's are on Youtube , and what they get up to.

Our aim at YoutubeRats is to make Youtube a safer place for everyone.


Pedophile ALERT Haltom City Todd Finley Boats Chris Lippincott