The FULL Logan Christopher N Lippincott, Lippencott Haltom City Texas video STRIKE Story

The STORY Many want to see, The VIDEO PROVING Lippincott Logan KING Liar in full swing, THE BIG FILE exposed, and a full length watch specially for those who have come across this Blackmailing Bullying Slandering EVIL Piece of shit known as Logan on Youtube and Finley Boats Texas Partner in Car & Boat repairs.

The Video starts with the key issues raised at the Recent "Christopher Lippincott v David Greig" In a live youtube hangout and which many claims were made, we have been in touch with Pete who seems to be the target conversation, and he supplied us both old video footage and many screenshots.  Enough to make the picture clear enough, even for a TROLL .

Finishing later the talk of the big Porn and how David Greig has a juicy file and such, Pete has supplied the XXXX rated information, which must be to what they get erections over, and supplied the information which we also feature. If You are in the slightest wondering who is the Liar in this Sick ongoing feud.  WATCH THE VIDEO IN FULL, do not skip bits. And then you will be left in no doubt as you have been warned. Christopher Lippincott or Lippencott as he now uses to dodge certain persons, IS pure and simply born to lie, its just natural and does it so well, and is what we would call a waste of space, and MUST be avoided ONLINE & OFFLINE.

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Now you have heard both David Greig "dazzathecameraman" & Christopher Lippincott "Logan Runnin"  shout it out, and you will see many lies, the real Chris N Lippincott in full swing, so you can go ahead and apologys to Pete and heed the advices been given for years. KEEP AWAY From Lippincott.  HE WILL ONLY GET YOU IN THE END !


FULL Logan Christopher N Lippincott, Lippencott Haltom City Texas video STRIKE Story