MOST DANGEROUS MENTALLY ILL - WEIRD CYBER DANGER OF THE MOMENT "Christopher Lippincott"  aka "Logan Runnin" and many other names on Youtube.





"above Pic Taken FROM - YouTube" from 1 of over 10 Classic Threats and confirmation of Little cute blonde boy pics collections !!

Christopher Lippincott - Chris Logan Runnin ,of  Haltom City, Texas, USA. is DANGER In Big Letters , his sole intention is to harass attack and deflame anyone who has any level of success above his own, a very bitter angry individual who lives a triple life and many masks , by day he is a Boat & Car Mechanic at his and his partners business "Finley Boat Restorations 28th North street, Haltom City, Texas, USA. after dark, the meek mild compulsive liar turns into 1 of his several mental states.

Todd  at Finleys Boat Restorations  ( outside USA add  001 )   817-726-9998

1. A Fictional SuperMan character named "Logan Runnin" "Logans Ghost" and the latest "Logan Five" as a tribute to having been banned 4 previous times , the 5 is to say screw you Youtube !  Nobody stops The Logan, early nights activities comprise using numerous fake channels and creating trouble for kicks.

2. With later nights approaching after his heavy drinking or fixes of whatever substance turns him in to the crazed madman, he and his small team dig family pics of known decent youtubers kids being a prize win to him and his gang, and boasts of his excitement for small boys !!  this ties in with his late late night Character !!!

3. Early hours sees the evil , team in skypes doing and slandering as a fun thing, and way way who knows what stuff ?.



He has been associated many a time with kiddy pics and been captured red handed both doing id thefts and !! attempting to sell stolen or secret little boy pics !!! 

SEE The Real Logan - Chris Lippincott. Haltom City, Texas. In Operation and be pre warned !!!! CLICK HERE ....

After Go Check out  "YouTube rats " This site contains the true actual captures of this evil nasty low life in operation, of which the Police are aware but !! elect to not act at present, due to needing more evidence !! well open your eyes Police !!! The Guy is a danger and needs mental help !! Or are you going to wait until he eventually grabs a kid ? Or Hits a stranger with a baseball bat ??



We Hope you help us fight the good cause and REMEMBER - We will take flak, as they realise they are rumbled  !!  But The ONLY Way you will stop these Cyber Bullies and Cyber Scum is by being far tougher !!!  NEVER Give in to Bullies ..


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