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Dazza v Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed - David Greig Speaks Chris Lippincott - Replies

David Greig dazza, Puts his Story online in a comment under a video, Chris Lippincott-Lippencott, Logan, Blows His Lid and spills some very interesting beans, as if anyone with half a brain did not already know all this, the Masked mentally ill sicko´s  behind the slanderous DFD channel, had been called out, and the whole picture known. What is good about these two Lippincott Videos, is it just completely confirmed what had been EASILY deduced for a while. ONLY TROLL members, the ones who live and thrive on all the hate and harrassments, to fill the sad life they must have, refuse to swallow real Truth, they much prefer to live in their youtube fantasy land, which consists of them being something, a gang member..

How all this story looked to the ones with brains..

The way the DFD episode and the slander sites under control of David Greig dazza, Tige Hand and Christopher Lippincott-Lippencott was all planned a while back. Was that Tige Hand had unused channels,which he used for following his passion wrestling, and a pledge to back David Greig up 100%, a combined Hatred of the J & M of wtf channel, a hatred of a Scott of Planet X channel, the hatred runs so deep that even though Chris Lippincott-Lippencott (yes he has two id´s) they all use fake id´s its part the way they roll, David Greig uses Greg, Gregg, and no doubt other Trolls do likewise, although thats a unfair to tarnish all Troll gang as a few do we believe are good at heart, and have been duped in to believing this Gang is something doing good, by warning 24 people in the world that what a few people say about Nibiru is false and that it does not exist. They know all this as they have telescopes and they look every Monday Morning at around 9am. So armed with this Rock solid evidence, they feel it is their duty to Trash any Nibiru Channel, show there homes families, businesses and slander and destroy these people and channels, for the good of the handful of other youtubers approx 24 who may find their channels. The Reality is it is all a cover story, many even were or are Nibiru believers.  this has though become such Fun for the Gang that the excuse is used and gives them a cover for the undercover activities some of the Gang engage in.

Back to the story. How it looked to the ones with brains ..

David Greig, so filled with anger and hate for wtf, makes a deal with Lippincott, the deal is to ring J of wtf, and ask scripted questions, regarding the digging and finding of old details of David Greigs other hated enemy Scott of Planet X, IN RETURN he will reinstate the slander websites in his control on Pete, Pete is the one who has been blackmailed, slandered and had to fight these very same Gang as is known, year after year. ANY chance Finleys Boats Lippincott can get to Slander Pete more is fine to him.  SO THE DEAL IS DONE ...

Christopher Lippincott-Lippencott, Does his requirement and Calls J of wtf and reads his scripted dialogue, asking the exact questions David Greig, dazza, requires,  Finleys Lippencott does his job well, he gets the spoken proof, that wtf did buy the pdf file on Scott, all this call secretly recorded by Greig, it is then duly put out on a video by Greig, this he hopes will make Scott of Planet X channel, so furious that HE will attack wtf channel.  THE PLAN FAILED,  Scott did not react, Scott is a grown up and not so stupid to fall for the obvious set up.  However Lippincott HAS at this stage done his duty, fulfilled his obligation the Rat gang is all snuggly and warm again. Although to the youtube world the pretence of the Fallen out Charade MUST Continue, so Lippincott very regular shouts on vids dazza is a yellow belly coward, and similar, ALL to keep the plan rolling along.  ONLY a TROLL could not spot all this, but grown ups spotted it easy as acting is NOT something Greig and Lippincott are good at. slandering and making lies oh experts, but acting and Truth very rare and NOT good at it.

Lippincott now asks for his return side the deal, Greig has a new problem arrive, wtf have been chatting and now friends of Scott. This is like red rag to a bull, Greigs little brain would be pumping he would be popping his blood vessels and stomping his feet at this stage.  he can not tackle the Logan Pete issue, until he has more dirt on wtf and Scott, so it needs delaying, DFD channel is used to target harrass J & M of wtf channel in a sick minded warped DEVIL fashion, threatening their homes and family, YES the usual sick way they work.  But its all in the need to debunk Nibiru of course?  we are told is the excuse. Tige Hand & David Greig after wearing wtf down, and that going quiet, they  then decide after xmas is the time,

Plenty of work is made behind the scenes including the brainwave of making up a false news articles, branding Pete as being convicted of so many crimes , from drug lord, to frauds, to even and loved by Lippincott the actual kiddy lover, of fiddling with his Grandson, Oh how they all got wet with excitement at this plan, telling Chris Lippincott be patient, david Greig drops his little sick hints, like a picture of Pete´s town, in the middle of another channels video debunking Pete, oh how David Greig must of got a wet patch on that one, he he oh i got that in.  Then the DFD channel starts with the little 8 year old , we are your worst nightmare , well you know the score on how the sicko´s work.  Then they drop the masterpiece the Faked NEWS article. with J of wtf, Scott of Planet X, and Pete in it the 3 of the targets in one fake news article, oh they must of dribbled and skyped on that for hours, followed from this a drug Lord faked news article, and then the Grandkids faked one, NOW Comes the David Greig - Christopher Lippincott , KILL Shot, this will make him runaway and hide they think, Lippincott is extatic shouting around LOOK heres the proof. the usual NEVER think a plan through by the deadly RAT GANG, who have the minds of 7 year olds, and the brains of 12 year olds. Same old people with new members, who it should be noted are NOT ALL Bad, but they have been duped into thinking they are in something Truthful Honest and genuine, FACT Time you have been fooled.. Decent people you need to wake up quickly..

The website is launched , on this polished smart website is the faked news article they created, along with many Companies which they have severely defamed as frauds scams and well the usual Sick Trio Lies slanders. Proudly boasted out as having Christopher Lippincott of Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas, as the owner. Yes indeed Lippencott, was given this website, he just was sitting down having his Beer and this website was given to him, in a gift bag.

Strangely David Greig dazza, also got a Free Gift from the "Domain name Fairy" in his sleep. This one brought by the "Domain name Fairy" the same time as Lippencotts,  it is a miracle the "Domain name Fairy" just gave them away.  and at the exact time within 2 minutes of each other, from the same GoDaddy domain Fairies HQ, brought and given away in a flash.. 

MANY problems exist on that story, a Domain name is NOT a simple here take that, You can not just say hey have this, it is not like a Christmas Card, or giving away a old Radio. Domains are brought sold and always have a home on a domain account somewhere, if you purchase a domain website name it remains on the Domain Buyers Control panel, until it is correctly transferred.  This can only be transferred to someone who also holds a domain control panel. You can point a domain name if you produce a website for a client, then you would need that name to be routed to the clients web hosters ip address, that is not a transfer that is simply common on how websites operate.  The owner of the website under a domain is responsible for the actions of the name. As THEY have the final control to stop the website in its tracks.. So any talk of GIVING, as if its a old Radio, is hogwash. So the story of Christopher Lippincott and David Greig being given websites is only swallowed by idiots.

Website Hosting, here comes the next joke, Chris Lippincott supposedly gave his websites to a unknown DFD person.  The best he could do or David Greig or whoever actually controls the websites is give them password access..  IF ??  If  Lippincott had the website he would of as he states in the video, had it blasted with CRIMINAL SCUM all over and he would NOT have been doing deals with anyone.  A Deal with the one who owns the slander website he would of course do, as he has been thoroughly outed with Facts as this website proves. He WOULD Do anything to make his Facts and evidence go away. although how he Ever sees adding more Lies and slanders to help, ONLY inside his and his Pals warped 8 year old brains knows? All it does is build a even bigger FACTUAL side to how he and his Tight Rats operate, and thus increase the problem.

The Final responsibility of a defamatory online Slander campaign incorporates, those who aidded by spreading the Lies slanders, those aidding or created the Lies slanders, those promoting the links, right back to the actual Domain owner, who regardless of any claims as to not actually doing the website. IS In Full Control and can suspend the Website by deadening the Domain route in a second. And carries the Lions share of the Responsibility. This is key in this case instance, so as the below diagram picture. Domains can not hide. These domain names MUST be on one of the Gangs Domain names control panel. and you can be easily assured IT WILL NOT BE ON Lippincotts..

Dazza v Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed - David Greig Speaks Chris Lippincott

Another KEY issue?  WHO in there right mind, would let someone buy YOUR name, or known brandname. Unless Family, But we are told another Youtuber paid and owns dazzathecameraman domain, and says i got this for you. Ridiculous situation so thats another reason the story is suspect. Mind You maybe there is a "Domain name Fairy"  I mean in the brains of this gang, with the drugs and such, its all possible..

In Chris Lippencott defence on this matter, yet again he has been used as the fool and they have yet again done the sleaze behind the scenes and then passed to him to put out, whilst laughing behind his back and getting wet patches in the trousers over it all. Sad, that Lippincott Just has not seen it, everytime from Sangstar1 to Darkskywatcher to even Scott , he gets fed the bullshits and whatever is needed, and off he goes time after time getting deeper and deeper in the mire .. When is he ever to wake up ??



Dazza v Logan The TRUTH Gets Confirmed - David Greig Speaks Chris Lippincott - Replies

BPEarthwatch Privacy Invasion CONFESSION Chris Lippincott Lippencott Confesses All

Yes Christopher Lippincott - Lippencott Haltom City Texas Finley Boats Cars Repairs Restorations Haltom City Texas Partner, Confessed, Hidden in one of his videos he explains how he Rifled and dug deep and dirty in BPEarthwatch of youtube, Family Facebook and google images, searching for Blackmail info most likely, or Just for his few close like minded friends collections? Who knows for sure? But its a interesting Confession which BP may or not be aware of? BP Earthwatch is a hard man to contact and  probably was not aware who exactly did this low level shit filled action, which caused BP Earthwatches Family, intense stress, worry, and SAFETY Concerns.

Pay special attention to the last final message, to the few close friends he had then and now, the final term "ENJOY" Enjoy what? the little kids again?, and who would even care what Jessie and his family look like? what about seeing BPEarthwatch is to enjoy?  BP his wife and grandkids? very weird but then weird and Christopher Lippincott Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas is the usual.

Christopher Lippincott - Lippencott  & Charles Todd Finley  Operate from TBR Finleys Total Boat Restorations, Haltom City, Texas and lines open 24/7 so maybe just maybe BP Would like to give them a shout let them know how he feels about the Privacy Family Invasion. 817-726-9998 see their Facebook Page below.


BPEarthwatch Lippincott Privacy Invasion CONFESSION

BPEarthwatch Privacy Invasion CONFESSION Chris Lippincott

BPEarthwatch Privacy Invasion CONFESSION Chris Lippincott

BPEarthwatch Privacy Invasion CONFESSION Chris Lippincott BP


Christopher Lippincott Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas

The FULL Logan Christopher N Lippincott, Lippencott Haltom City Texas video STRIKE Story

The STORY Many want to see, The VIDEO PROVING Lippincott Logan KING Liar in full swing, THE BIG FILE exposed, and a full length watch specially for those who have come across this Blackmailing Bullying Slandering EVIL Piece of shit known as Logan on Youtube and Finley Boats Texas Partner in Car & Boat repairs.

The Video starts with the key issues raised at the Recent "Christopher Lippincott v David Greig" In a live youtube hangout and which many claims were made, we have been in touch with Pete who seems to be the target conversation, and he supplied us both old video footage and many screenshots.  Enough to make the picture clear enough, even for a TROLL .

Finishing later the talk of the big Porn and how David Greig has a juicy file and such, Pete has supplied the XXXX rated information, which must be to what they get erections over, and supplied the information which we also feature. If You are in the slightest wondering who is the Liar in this Sick ongoing feud.  WATCH THE VIDEO IN FULL, do not skip bits. And then you will be left in no doubt as you have been warned. Christopher Lippincott or Lippencott as he now uses to dodge certain persons, IS pure and simply born to lie, its just natural and does it so well, and is what we would call a waste of space, and MUST be avoided ONLINE & OFFLINE.

(a tip try using Full Screen Mode to enlarge to fit your monitor)




Now you have heard both David Greig "dazzathecameraman" & Christopher Lippincott "Logan Runnin"  shout it out, and you will see many lies, the real Chris N Lippincott in full swing, so you can go ahead and apologys to Pete and heed the advices been given for years. KEEP AWAY From Lippincott.  HE WILL ONLY GET YOU IN THE END !


FULL Logan Christopher N Lippincott, Lippencott Haltom City Texas video STRIKE Story



Christopher Lippincott sicko of Youtube

This article will be showing the lies and  stories Christopher Lippincott tells to try and weasel out of having another Youtubers children's pictures to Blackmail and to share amoungst all his sick 

Youtube Subscribers!!

In a previous article we have shown how Christopher Lippincott began his Blackmail and threats to another Youtuber because of a fictitious strike on a video

on his sickening Youtube channel.

We know this to be false and he was still stating this lie on the 19th October 2017 that a copyright free  video was given to himself and Dazza  so that both channels could be struck!

Christopher Lippincot Haltom City Drug addict and Blackmailer

So according to the Liar himself and Dazza  was both given strikes.  We are sure they would both have a record of the said strike, especially

in the Big File they both have. Seems the liar has gone back to his previous excuse for attacking and abusing other peoples children!!

Now we will look at another excuse of why this vile sick excuse of a human being Christopher Lippincott decided it was ok to find and distribute innocent childrens pictures to people he doesnt know on Youtube!!

Christopher Lippincott's next excuse is that the Youtuber he was trying to Blackmail, used these childrens accounts to harass him!

Now lets be clear these children were 6 and 3 year old innocent Toddlers, that Christopher Lippincott felt he would abuse by putting their pictures on the internet and to hand out to his sick subscribers! How many 6 and 3 year old Toddlers have their own PC's and Youtube Accounts!!!

Lets analysis the claims as above video, he is making years later in January 2017. This was during one of his numerous attacks at his good friend Dazza who defended him for many years backing him up on his lies. 

Firstly you clearly hear him say in the video  himself that the allegations that he has the  childrens pictures is correct!! Darn right he does!! Coming from his own mouth in his own words!!

Next story he comes out with is  these children's pc's and Youtube accounts were used to harass other channels including his own! So someone must have the proof of this happening, i mean surely he must have made a video showing the said channel was a child's Youtube account, that's gold dust . Like Christopher Lippincott keeps stating he has all the Proof!! Only proof Christopher Lippincott/Lippencott has is in his drugged up mind!!

So now he states these children live with this person, these are Grandchildren, they live with their parents, or does he mean this Youtuber went to another residence to use these 6 and 3 year olds pc's, who have Youtube accounts to harass all these Youtube channels!

Now unbelievably he did a quick click and it went to a child's site! Didn't think to record himself doing this and has never once showed this fictional Youtube channel nor has his Youtube best pals, who also keep records of comments and capture everything! Even more proof he is making this story up!!

Suddenly these Grandchildren have shot up to be Teenagers, and the Youtube channel is like facebook? Really?


Where does Christopher Lippincott say in the original video he made saying he has these pictures does he say he found the Youtube Teenagers channel?. This was added when he was outed for using childrens pictures for blackmail, which has been made up with help from his "ANGEL" thinking that everyone is as stupid as his subscribers!! Surely this would have been shown and spoke about in the original Blackmail video for everyone to see why he felt justified to abuse innocent children by putting them on where ever he decided on the internet for any sicko to use!!

He then implies  this Youtuber made a slanderous website regarding the Blackmail! If he means this website then as you can obviously see this website is filled with facts and proof of everything he has ever done and said coming from his videos and his sick mouth!! 

Ok lets go onto the next excuse that Christopher Lippincott has come out with, once again from his own mouth!!



Ok in this video he is in a debate with his long time friend Dazza. His best buddy Dazza says this happend 4 or 5 years ago, and he can not remember every detail. 

OK but he was there commenting when Christopher Lippincott published the video about the pictures and he didnt seem to have a problem with it then, not one comment about it being wrong! But ok he thinks it is now! Maybe after several vicious attacks towards him from his so called best buddy ,which included calling him a benefit fraud he now realises what he is really like!

So in this video Dazza says that according to Christopher Lippincott the Youtuber was using a profile picture of a little Boy. Yes he was. Below is the image that was being used.

Now according to Dazza and Christopher Lippincott, this image is supposed to be the picture that was the BLONDE HAIRED LITTLE BOY! Now some people think Dazza is an intelligent man, and if this is correct does he really think this cartoon picture is an actual picture of a Blonde haired child? Does this cartoon boy have Blonde Hair?

Did Christopher Lippincott just pluck the exact hair colour of this child out of thin air and hope it was correct........we doubt it he knew exactly as we already know he had and still has the videos and pictures of these children!!

 If you notice there is once again no mention of these Childrens Youtube accounts that Christopher Lippincott was supposed to have found!!

New development on why Christopher Lippincott and his best pals think he is justified in stealing and using peoples innocent childrens pictures!

 As you can see from the above video which was made on 20th October 2017  Christopher Lippincott has now changed his story back to his original story that it was about a strike on Youtube, but not only at him but also to his best pal Dazza!!

What does his best Pal Dazza say about these strikes?

David Greig Dazza tells Christopher Lippincott his side of story to see if he has the right one

Below VIDEO Used as the Pretend STRIKED attack Story.  clearly FREE for anybody.As was POINTED Out.

Christopher Lippincott and Dazza Lie about Copyright Strike

So now Dazza can remember the fictitious strike! But could not recall this story in April and January 2017!  Maybe Dazza also gets confused which story Christopher Lippincot is using at the time?. Now Dazza has been given a clue at which story it is this month, he can then suddenly have a memory jog!!

Surley Dazza who Keeps Big files on everyone would have good proof of all these stories? Like Dazza stated in the above comment if the video was free for all to use why was a counter claim not issued as to strike a non copyrighted video is not permitted on Youtube, especially with proof of someone saying they can use the video!! Had It been as he stated, then it would be a serious FALSE Claim and Youtube Take that serious, hence WHY the story is the usual LIES.

So as you can see the story is different every couple of months depending on which way  Christopher Lippencott - Lippincott drugged up mind is saying at the time!!

Now lets address what Dazza thinks is disgusting! lets just imagine for one minute that every story that Christopher Lippincott has made up are true! (yeah hard but try!)

His best Pal Dazza has just stated that he thought at the time that a Strike made him disgusted! Does he mean that a strike is more of a hideous crime than a grown man storing other peoples innocent childrens pictures on their PC and then using them to Blackmail someone with them?Lets not forget the give them to his subs to do whatever they want with them!!!. Dont forget Dazza was there at this time when Christopher Lippincott did this vile hideous thing, and not once did he or the "ANGEL CJ" mention at the time that he should not be doing this! Also did Dazza or anyone else report the video of the Blackmail etc to Youtube? No it wasnt disgusting enough for Dazza to do anything !!

Another thing everyone fails to mention, is it is fact that it is against the law for anyone to use a picture even if it is public on the internet of a minor under the age of 16 to be used without full parental consent!!! This is the type of behaviour of a child predator!! This is what they do, they steal children's pictures from the internet!!

As you can clearly see Dazza has now only just begun to "NOT CONDONE" what Christopher Lippincott has done because he is now himself being blackmailed by Christopher Lippincott and being attacked on a daily basis! Also doesnt like Christopher Lippincott being Doxxed! Maybe people do not like child predators having their childrens pictures and videos and handing them out willy nilly to Nonce supporters!!!!! 

To most normal decent people, attacking innocent children is vile and despicable! Obviously its not as bad according to "DAZZA" as a copyright strike or doxxing, and is obviously good justification for Christopher Lippincott to use Childrens Pictures and also to use Blackmail!!

Maybe Dazza is getting to realise what it feels like for someone to try and Blackmail them and to have video after video making up false allegations about him on a daily basis!! Only difference is Christopher Lippincott- Lippencott does not have pictures of your children else they would have been used!!!


This will be disclosed in another article!!!!


Christopher Lippincott  Haltom City Texas a Danger to Children

Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals Without a Care, As long as he gets what HE Wants.

Story came in which again just shows how low this Christopher Lippincott has sank, this is one his so called Pals should know and be pretty annoyed at.  The CJ his arse wiper and who spends all day and night shouting he is innocent and they all lie, and his side kick secret lover on skype the geek down under, both who it is rumored are being blackmailed by Lippincott as he holds something on them as he has on Charles Todd Finley his life long Partner and friend.

The story which has been confirmed by residents in the same complex and which Christopher Lippincott also Logan Runnin  (Lippencott),  share is one of a very serious COCKROACH infestation, at the digs he slums in.  So BAD was the infestation the Landlords had to evacuate the building, for some 2 weeks.  Many may recall his video how he showed his so called neighbours cockroach problem.  YES for once in his life he did speak a tiny truth !  RARE  YES, but the problem was severe.  WHAT Chris Lippincott omitted was HIS had the problem and the LANDLORD PROVIDED "FREE" ACCOMODATION  whilst the de CockRoach extermination of the Building was undertaken.  Just a small point Logan did NOT mention, as it would spoil a great MONEY Fleece from his Friends.

Remember The TBR Finleys Boat Restorations Damaged Foot incident?  The oh he is off work and at the same time He HAS to leave his digs and PAY for new ones? deposit and all that?  Remember Now?

Oh  POOR Logan his friends went , we MUST help, bad foot , NO Place to live etc,  BAD  Except NOT Accurate as he well knew.  Todd Finley Still Paid him why would he not? he works week arrears and has holiday pay, and even sick pay, UNLESS Lippincott is as thought CASH in hand?  Finleys and Cash and Tax avoidance is NOT unheard of, hence why only use Todd Finley when full name is Charlie or Chaz Finley.  Thats a whole other story, the point is Logan Chris Lippincott, (Lippencott). GAINED a nice little ruse to get DRUG Money.  So below see how he got $785 FREE from his pals, NOT as its needed but it was just a Money scam at his Pals expense.

He IS STILL at his old address after its been defumagated, and given a clean bill of health. ALL costs paid by the Landlords. He was back at work several days later and EVEN After that he KEPT the Lies running, MILKING and Showing his true character with his FEW friends, and collecting ongoing FREE money.

Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals

He NEEDS HELP?  1 day and he can NOT feed his dog, Needs a Doctor, and NEEDS To Move to New Location.   And His Friends fell for it , DELIBERATE  Go Fund Me SCAMMER , Worse than that is his total CON and SCAM His very own Friends.  ALSO, NOTE  The Name and address -  The one he says is NOT Him (as he also has a false ID under Lippencott.) Notice it states CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT - HALTOM CITY...

ALL WHO GAVE YOUR SAD & STUPID, He CONNED You!  He is laughing at you behind your back, took advantage of your Soft Side and stupid side.  Go Fund me SHOULD be notified and the money pulled back. ALL The money went on is this.

Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals DRUG Money  

  Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals For DRUGS

 It Certainly did NOT Go on His Outstanding BENCH Warrants. STILL Outstanding at August 2017. READ MORE HERE ..........................


 Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals for UNPAID Warrants

DRIVING WITH NO INSURANCE .. Yes IF HE Ran YOU or your Kids over ·YOU· Would NOT get a Cent.  WHO would pay any ongoing health care?  Who would Repair Your Vehicle? 

He Runs Stop Lights as he is mostly in a dumb stuper all day and night, FROM YOUR paid for drugs he gets. THIS Is the REAL Christopher Lippincott,  NO RESPECT For People, LAW, Friends and Partners.  ONLY  Logan MATTERS ..

THE Apt That had the Cockroach infestation where Logan had to move out of for a couple of weeks, Placed in FREE alternate accomodation whilst it was done, and now he is back there and become $780 better off. Thanks to the idiots who believe a single word he says.

Christopher Lippincott Haltom City Texas GOFUNDME Scammer

Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals Without a Care -  5005 NE Loraine Street, Haltom City, Texas, TX 76117


Cockroaches in Chris Lippincott HaltomCity Texas Home bad Infestation   Cockroaches in Chris Lippincott HaltomCity Texas Home bad Infestation Go Fund Me scam

Christopher N Lippincott Texas STEALS and SCREWS His Pals Without a Care COCK ROACH Infestations The STORY he Hides..