Ben the Time Traveler HERO of You Tube Stands Up For Good People

A Innocent victim of the Cyber Bullies and Stalkers is a Ben Mathews of Michigan USA, Hailed as a hero in the You Tube community as whilst many just turn and run, Ben Mathews stood his ground and has taken more abuse slander and harassment from Logan Runnin Hounding than most !!

With steadfast resolve against any bullying online or cyber attacks on innocent women and other good you tube users, Ben Mathews stood tall and as qouted " Better i take the flak and stick , than these nice ladies, my shoulders are broad enough ".  And with this steadfast approach along with Peter Kuske , Susan Green , Margo, and several others who have been threatened blackmailed harrassed etc, and said "Enough is enough" and dug in and continue to take the flak and abuse, rather than have others who may be weaker take it.

So Cyber Guardians, Cyber are proud to showcase some of Ben Time Travelers work and show how he tries to stand and beat the bullies like Christopher N Lippincott, & The Rat Gang.

Chris Lippincott gets BTT home truths

Note He Mentions Dazza - David Greig from Tauranga New Zealand as Lippincotts Closest Friend and online Team . who he knows does behind the scenes for Logan Lipincotts Gang.


Below He stands yet again for decency and Truth, Here he pulls NO Punches , regardless of many attacks back from the Gang Chris Lippincott controls ,including bringing Bens Family in and threatening them !! and disclosing their details !!  NO Morals exist with the Lippincott RAT Team Gang Operation in the protection of the seedy gangs operations.

  Ben BTT  speaks out


Ben Ian Mathews the Time Traveler HERO of You Tube Stands Up For Good People 



Ben the Time Traveler HERO of You Tube Stands Up For Good People