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Welcome to Cyber Warnings .com the website created to Help protect you from the nasty online internet Scams & Stalkers, crazed and dangerous you tube or online chat users, and most alarmingly !!  Those who May have connections to child Paedophilia Picture dealing and other serious issues !! Which The Public need be aware about..

This is a FREE website produced for the good people to have a place to give help and advice, and bring the Public´s attention to dangers of online Hoax Scams and exposing bullies, and who and where to watch for these BAD People Cyber Bullies and Blackmailers, and all and any other sinister sick goings on these groups and gangs get up to, mainly sick stuff !!

If you know of any persons that need to be shown or investigated, then contact us at Cyber Warnings via the Contact page . Our featured front page spot will hold the most dangerous of the moment, this will change accordingly ,so bookmark and pop in regularly to ensure a dangerous cyber stalker or fruitcake is not in your Town or Online Google - Youtube - facebook  etc,etc,  circles.

Be WARNED Stay Vigilant on Scams Online Dangers   Be WARNED Stay Vigilant on Scams Online Dangers 

DANGER BAD EGGS Of the Moment !!  

YOUTUBE SCAMMERS  Bullies and Usual Blackmailing Sick People Warnings


Just when you thought the dirt had been washed away, The Cream of the Pond Christopher Lippincott  - Logan Runnin appears from the swamp, smelly as ever, dirty as ever, and evil as ever. If ever the world needed to know what years of Drug and alcohol does to you, see exactly, show your family, maybe help them keep clear from them.

The Finleys Boat Restoration Partner Lippincott now boasts woman beater to his long list of conquests, and again deserves to be Top of the Cyber Warnings AVOID list.

Regularly Cropping up on Youtube when trouble involving Bullying Slanders and such, seems to appear are a few old names  that crop EVERY time slanders abuse and trouble is found?

Christopher Lippincott - CharlesTodd Finley - Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas USA  Christopher Lippincott - CharlesTodd Finley - Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas USA  Christopher Lippincott - CharlesTodd Finley - Finleys Boats Haltom City Texas USA

Finleys Chris Logan Lippincott Wife Beater  2012arrest-Christopher-Neil-Lippincott-Logan-RunninTX

   Scams Online  Dangerous People ON OFFLINE   Christopher-Lippincott-Finleys-Boats-HaltomCity-Texas

 THE SAYING SHIT STICKS WITH SHIT HAS NEVER BEEN MORE APT !!  ex cons, Drug dealers, wife beaters, Blackmailers, scammers all Parading as a new gang with 1 goal to cause destruction to people all for fun.

Tige Hand Covington Georgia  waptek Slanderer-of-PETER-KUSKE-William-A-Price-WAPTek-Portland-Oregon-USA Sara-Pittman-ex-Sara-J-Christy-CRIMINAL


LEARN & ACT on the seedy web of low life scum which is roaming online and where and who to avoid offline. If they are sick evil online . Its a Certainty in LIFE They harbor the same sick thoughts !  BE WARNED .

Sara J Christy - Sara J Pittman Beavercreek Ohio


Be WARNED Stay Vigilant on Scams Online & Dangerous People ON & OFFLINE