SARA PITTMAN formally known as Sara Christy of BEAVERCREEK OHIO USA

Sara Pittman lives at 3234 Maplewood Drive Beavercreek Ohio USA

This is Sara Pittman AKA  Sara J Christy SaraSmile, Mojo jojo, Space Cadet, Time Flies, Devils Demon Channels, and many many other accounts on Youtube.


Sara Pittman likes people to know she has other channels to harass People on Youtube!


As you can see she is another quality Youtuber , who likes to put up videos slandering and harassing other Youtubers! and works with Lippincott the top Pedo scum of youtube.

Sara Pittman lives at 3234 Maplewood Drive Beavercreek Ohio USA

Peter Kuske attacker Sara Pittman lives at 3234 Maplewood Drive Beavercreek Ohio USA

Although Sara Pittman  states she own's her own home, she was in fact handed this house to her from her grandparents!

From an early age she was a drug addict ( yep drugs again! seems to be a pattern emerging yet again here!) So obviously she would have been

living in some drug den, selling her body again. or even on the streets, if it wasnt for her Grandparents working hard and giving her somewhere to live!

So Sara Pittman only rushed back to her Grandparents when they became ill?  Where was wanting to help them before that? Was it the Dollar signs flashing up that made her suddenly want to rush back to be with them after they had looked after her since she was 4? Maybe she ran out of money and knew she could get them to fund her drug addition!!

Sara Pittman also has a criminal record ( no surprises  there as most of the sick Troll gang do!)

Here is her lovely mugshot ! This was before she married and became Sara Pittman. 


You can check the mugshot of her here yourself.

Shown above was a small sample of Sara Pittman's  criminal record and what she has been arrested for!


Drug use No surprises there!!


Then there's the receiving stolen goods  Arrest Sara Pittman Has !


As you can see below Sara Pittman  even admits to the drug addiction she has had, and maybe still does use drugs ?


Here are the links to check out Sara Pittman's Records for yourself.

Seems like Sara Pittman also had her children removed from her! Such a good Mother and citizen. Seems like she is very proud of what she has done!

Well you haven't had him back that long , seen as your last criminal arrest was 2014!!

Sara Pittman and her husband Brandon Pittman ( another supposed ex junkie!)  like to tell everyone they help other drug addicts, do you think she is the right type of person for this kind of job? ! Has she really stopped taking drugs? Would someone who is drug free act the way she does? Maybe harassing people online is her new addiction? 


Are councillors supposed to be caring, and good pillars of society?.

How can Sara pittman do this type of work when she obviously has some type of vicious streak in her. 

Only someone as low and sick as her would send pictures of someone's dead grandmother and tell them to use it to attack someone!


Sara Pittman seems to get great joy in attacking and harassing people on youtube , it seems to be the only joy she has in her sad pathetic life!! She has nothing better to do than sit on youtube all day and night watching and recording videos and live chats to make slanderous videos about other Youtubers.

 Sara Pittman is in awe of one of the biggest low life on Youtube CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT, (Logan scummie Runnin) it seems shit sticks with shit on Youtube. The company she keeps on Youtube all have the usual traits Drugs, Criminal Records, Alcohol abuse,Blackmail, kids pics, and many Harassment videos , the usual things you need to be in the sick troll gang on Youtube!



Sure looks like Sara Pittman has some kind of teenage crush on another low life criminal, but like stick with like!!

Who would want someone like this helping a vulnerable  child or adult? A supposedly  grown woman who goes around making multiple channels on Youtube to harass and bully other Youtube channels!

It seems wherever there is trouble going on Sara Pittman is there like flies around shit!!  she is always in the mix with Christopher Neill Lippincott helping to dox another Youtuber by using their usual methods of getting Ex partners to dish dirt on them!!


Sara Pittman Of 3234 Maplewood Drive Beavercreek Ohio  likes to find out info on people and dish the dirt on them, like she has done so in the following pictures. She messages her info to the Low Life Christopher Lippincott Logan, as she likes to think she is the big i am on Youtube cosying up to this piece of filth. Such a caring person is SaraPittman !! and Proven scum Lippincott and her are as thick as druggies in a drug den.

 Sara Pittman offering money to get Christopher Lippincott another well know blackmailer on Youtube to help her try and get someone off Youtube!! Obviously Sara Pittman is learning off the master of Blackmail!!

Sara Pittman Of 3234 Maplewood Drive Beavercreek Ohio



Some people have come to see what Sara Pittman is really like and how she works with help from Christopher Neill Lippincott of Haltom City Texas to try and Blackmail people on Youtube!! And hide there own sick secrets.


 So as you can see Sara Pittman is nothing but a bored housewife who spends her days and nights stalking, harassing and bullying people by helping the trash Christopher Neill Lippincott , by getting peoples information  and giving it to him!

She has also as shown given money to Christopher Lippincott, was this so he would blackmail someone for her?  She obviously has a pretty close relationship with Christopher Lippincott ,she hangs on every word and strokes his ego  just like some teenage girl with a big crush!

Sara Pittman obviously likes to hang around with trash , and stir shit up on people on Youtube!

If Sara Pittman and her husband are in fact councillors , is this what she does to the vulnerable adults and teens she is supposed to be helping? Does she get their information and try and blackmail their families? Is this how she makes her money now? Does she steal off these vulnerable people? Is Sara Pittman still using drugs, as it seems no one with a clear mind would be doing the things she is doing!! It seems as Sara Pittman  has had no scruples about doing this in the past, why would she change if she can get away with it? 

Sara Pittman needs to obviously grow up and try and set a good example to her children (if she still has them with her) maybe get a hobby and step back and wonder if her grandfather who she says is her hero ( more like an endless cash flow!) would be pleased about the way she is behaving and showing her true colours now she has what she wanted off him in the first place!!

So as proven Sara Pittman is another evil piece of trash who is allowed on Youtube and other social media to attack, dox, harass and bully people for her own sick entertainment !



If anyone has any more info on Sara Pittman that you feel needs to be shown, please email us with the details. We can assure we will keep you anonymous and any details you need kept hidden.


 SARA PITTMAN BeaverCreek Ohio USA - Dirty Criminal Secrets Revealed