DSW Spots David Greg Greig Chris Lippincott Pedophile Youtubers

In this interesting video put out on youtube by a user who had been slandered harrassed and had his kids pictures stolen by the Sick Rat Team gang.
What is very telling again is how he has spotted the same conclusions as many, kids and these youtubers is an obsession. Christopher Lippincott and David Greig Tauranga New Zealand Self Taught Astronomer, deep seedy connections and shows some highlights, whilst calling on Certified Boat Sales Finley Boats Lippincott, to back up his slanderous claims on him.
A Video you should closely watch as again it gives so many clues, Many are spotting after years of watching how David Greg GREIG, always is at the back of kids families and harrassings.

Did You spot again how DSW also had his family kids Pictures copied, and been snooped in private, again as used as blackmail harrassing tool, by Lippincott and this David Greg / Greig dazza of Tauranga New Zealand yet again hides in the shadows getting high on the stress and harrassments his Gang cause. Just because this Gang believe THEY own youtube, If you dare stand up you get it. Or is this Gangs activities far sicker in its reachings, after all it seems a lot of planning and work to try and silence a simple few arguments, or a debunk?
So YOUR Warned here is the two he calls out below, remember them and steer clear, and watch who and why they mix with some real sick others. Your Judged by the Company and dazza loves Lippincott and many ex criminals. WHY?

DSW Spots David Greg Greig Chris Lippincott Pedophile Youtubers

DazzaCameraman attacks Pete kuske

Lippincott attacks Peter Kuske

Peter Kuske Blackmailer Location

Logan Lippencott aka,  Christopher N Lippincott 5005 NE loraine St Haltom City TX

DSW Spots David Greg Greig Chris Lippincott Pedophile Youtubers