Before you read this article, as the website owner i must warn you that this will be in my own words straight no holds barred.

You may not like what you see but this has to be put out for people to finally realise what a sicko Tige Hand is!

If you dont want to see the truth about this sicko then move along and just hope he is not a neighbour, a work colleague, or just someone he dislikes!!


This is Tige Hand 46 of,  20 Buckeye Cir, Covington, Georgia, USA, Still living with his Mommy

Tige Hand Convicted Criminal Georgia USA

Remember  this face and name as it may keep you safe from this Sick individual !

So let me tell you all why this sicko TIGE HAND  has made me to decide to out his sorry ass . Well this waste of a skin thought he was clever and thinking he was fooling everyone , decided to open another Youtube channel by the name of "The Devils Favourite Demon" .  Tige thought he was so smart and no one would ever find out the channel belong to him, but unlike his mates in Troll, no drugs or alcohol have frazzled my brain. Nor do i have any medical disorders such as depression, sleeping illnesses or bad heads to null my brain!! So i can see clearly all the little mistakes that little Tige Hand makes!!

Now your probably wondering , Sue (yes thats my name and yes Christopher Lippincott i am a woman i do actually exist thicko and this is my website. Touch my kids pics again you sick fuck!! Oh thats right you still have them dont you!)  do you have any evidence of this sicko and what your saying hes done?  Well lets look at what i have discovered. Obviously only people with moral standards and values and a brain will only be able to follow it, so you sick Trolls can move along!!

Tige Hand started out with his glorious fact filled channel ( sarcasm!) under his name TIGE HAND (well actually his channel was called tsurfer2000 originally for a while)using this picture as his AV Tige Hand WWF reference The RingMasterthen changed to this one still under the name Tige Hand Tige Hand Covington Georgia USA

Tige Hand Covington Georgia USA

Little Tiggy liked to run his big fat mouth using this channel , making videos (only text ones!) about people, doxing people, he especially liked attacking women ( see his comments on previous Tige Hand article) calling them names etc. So a big tough man is little Tiggy. So a few months ago after obviously attacking people with his pathetic childish videos his channel got terminated by Youtube ( after allowing this prick to do this for so long)  for Harassment bullying and violating Youtubes guidelines. He made a new channel ( which youtube allow these sicko's to do!)  so he could carry on harassing people which is his favourite pass time! While little mommies boy Tige Hand had his channel along came The Demon Channel. Guess who subbed to this sick channel straight away......yes thats right sicko Tiggy!! Strange how he was the only one who knew about it. It was after that,that his TROLL friends all subbed to it as it was attacking the people they all hate with a vengeanace !!

How Did Tige Hand find this Channel?

Tige Hand subs to his own sick Channel

When this sick channel was opened Tige Hand was attacking two other people on Youtube  I noticed straight away the name of the channel and also the channel used "FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS" that they both are terms used in WWF Wrestling ( you can google it yourself like i did). It just so happened that on his Tige Hand channel he was subbed to WWF Youtube channels! His old AV Tige Hand WWF Sicko Georgia USAis a reference to a WWF Wrestler that used to go by the name "The RingMaster"

Big Tough Tige Hand seems to like WWF Wrestling. I bet he has all the models of the characters and all the posters on the wall of his bedroom at Mommies House!!

So it seemed obvious to me that Tige Hand and the Demon Channel had a lot in common. Tige Hands main channel then got terminated at the beginning of Jan 2018 for harassment bullying and violating Youtube community Guidelines.(no never i hear you say. Tige is such a good boy, how dare Youtube do that to an outstanding channel full of facts and Truths) Then comes Tige Hands new channel, only when little Tiggy announced his new channel, it showed he had opened this channel in Nov 2017, you'll never guess who else open a channel in Nov 2017, yep you got it The good old Demons channel. What a surprise ....Not!!

 Tige Hand Thief of Covington Georgia USA

Three days apart these channels are made! Tige Hand isnt very smart is he?.  Just another coincidence !!

The videos that started to appear on this sick channel were attacking the very people that little mommies boy Tige Hand was attacking!

Tige Hand Drug dealer Covington Georgia USA

The videos are all about people Tige Hand does not like or has harassed and they have said something back to him......real tough guy is mommies Boy Tiggy.

When Tige Hand had his channel terminated oh boy was he mad, i mean little Tiggy would never do anything bad to have his channel terminated by Youtube, just ask his Mommy he's a good boy!! Tige Hand would never have anything to do with such a sick channel like commenting on there .......or would he?

Tige Hand owner of sick Channel

Oh look its Sicko Tige Hand commenting on his own channel !! You see because he has a boring life looking after his mommy ( probably too scared to say she dont want him looking after her!) he has to get his kicks from trying to make everyone elses life a misery by harassing and trying to bully them!! Heres an idea Tige Hand try and find yourself a woman, shouldnt be hard . A man ( and i use that word lightly) like you would be such a good catch for any woman especially if she likes sickos. I bet your a small guy too, because small men have too act all tough and push their chest out and feel the world owes them a favour, and just like you seem to have anger issues!!

It also seems everytime This devils channel puts a video up, Tige Hand isnt far behind putting one of his riveting text videos! So it is obvious they are on Youtube at the same time . 

 Tige Hand New sick ChannelTige Hand and Demon channel joined at the hip Georgia USA

So Tige Hand made a riveting video saying how his mom loves him and someone elses family dont, this was because the shitters had contacted this persons Dad , yeah i know fucking pathetic, but thats how low these sicko's go! So i made a post on my Google plus not naming anyone . 

Tige Hand Mommies boy Covington Georgia USA

So as soon as i post this, the Demon channel, who is nothing to do with Tige Hand decides to attack a good friend of mine who the idiot Trolls think own this website!! Now why would me posting this upset the Demons channel.!  So i posted another to see if Tige Hand or the Demon channel would bite, still naming no one.

Tige Hand tough guy Covington Georgia USA 

Seen as this had reference to Tige Hand with WWF Wrestling and being a mommies boy, you would think he would do one of his exciting Text videos , telling me what hes going to do and i'll regret it, because no one messes with him  Blah Blah Blah in his usual tough guy way. Nope The Demon channel put a video out trying to dox me (unsuccessfully, because these stupid Trolls couldnt research their way out of a paper bag!!) Same again why would this bother another Youtube channel that has no relevance to them? 

I decided to try it one more time to see what happens. This time i used a image from the devils channel off another video where he was threatening my friend once again. 

Tige Hand Mommies Boy Georgia USA

This got the reaction i was expecting, another video trying to dox me and my good friend. So seen as i am now 100% certain this channel belongs to the famous piece of shit Tige Hand he needed to be displayed on this my website for all to see what a nasty piece of work he is, seen as he has been doxing my good friend and making his snide comments for several months now this was the final straw for me. 

Tige hand Your next threat Covington Georgia USAThis is the original image from the Demon channel. Strange how Tige Hand told my friend a while back on his channel comments and in a private message "Your next"  hmmm just another coincidence !!

As soon as Tige Hand went up on this website the demon channel which i know now to belong to Tige Hand decided to put some more videos on  his sick channel. Why would this Sick Demon channel be bothered in the slightest what goes up on this website? 

Now this is where this sick fucker has pissed me off. Not only does this complete waste of a fucking skin think hes some fucking big shot on Youtube, he thinks he can make up complete and utter bullshit , accusing not me who owns this website but someone who this wanker thinks owns it. Snap shots of the sick video is below, with the name of the person he is accusing blanked out for privacy.

Tige Derek Hand  druggie liar

You see this fucking wanker is not as bright as he makes out he is, all that snorting cocaine and thinking how to rob people has made his tiny little brain like mush. You see i do my research and found where the clever fucker got the images from in the video......not very bright are you wanker Tige Hand!!

Tige Hand uses real abused childs picturesTige Hand Georgia USA  sick in the head

As i have shown above the video is made up of complete and utter bullshit! This is supposed to be in 2002 , well sick fucker i know for a fact that neither myself or my friend had children old enough in 2002 to have had grandchildren. The oldest would have been 14 and unlike you she has morals and standards, and not a slapper like some of you sick's kids!! Also this sick fucker says the person is on the sex register, well surely you can show the proof of this. You Trolls can seem to find other peoples criminal records or family members quite easily when you feel its ok to do so, because someone may have made a comment you dont like. Fucking nosey then, but none of you clever fuckers can find this evidence, obviously you in the Troll gang know its bullshit, but you wont say anything against little boy Tige Hand because your all scared that he will start on you! and you know how sick he is! Fucking good so called fucking truthers you lot are. Shit sticking with shit!!


 Another video was made to make out that the person in question was using drugs! You seem to forget shit head not everyone has taken drugs. You see unlike you and your cronies myself and my friend dont and have never taken drugs. Thats why we catch you out on your lies and bullshit, because we are not spaced out and know what day it is!!

Tige Hand Druggie

And so the bullshit goes on. The Devils channels (all eight of them) got terminated, but in the usual Youtube shit way he is allowed to make more channels to spew his shit on!! So the shit videos continue, typical Tige Hand shit no content just shit text!! (another give away!!). 

Tige Hand new harassment channel covington Georgia USA

I have more to say about this nasty piece of work, but i will put that in another article. Let me just remind you that this sicko has put peoples criminal records out, even though hes a criminal himself!. He has doxed people for no reason except he dont like anyone answering him back ( Little man syndrome !). He has made video after video against a couple on Youtube , harassing them daily, and even making a video mocking the woman having a miscarriage!

He has made bullshit videos falsely accusing someone of a sick crime, and dont forget he is a member of the TROLL group who openly state they are proud of what they do!! I mean how can we possible do without the Troll gang on Youtube. They swan around telling people what they can or can not watch , making out they are doing it for the good of the people! No basically its a way of trying to justify their harassment , bullying and putting their noses in places they dont belong!! When someone like me gives them a taste of their own medicine, when they have tried to do it to me , my family and friends, they cry and call this site a slanderous site. Well if slander is showing videos they have made, comments from their channels and all the shit they do on people, well the definition of slander needs changing!! 

So like i said there will be more to follow, when someone attacks me or my family or good friends then i will fight back and show what a shit you are!!!

Have to clarify for idiots who grasp at straws when i said "Friends" i mean friends in the real world, not the laughable world of Youtube!! 


Dont forget to contact us if you have been harassed or attacked by this sick individual!