David Greig Dazzathecameraman The WHAT & WHO IS HE Alarms Ring Danger Signs

This David Greig aka dazzathecameraman MUST be about the puzzling of the whole gang of shitters on Youtube.  Many know him as the little goody goody mr truth and light and day.

Has his little youtube channel and prides himself on Truth and Transparency?  yet the story of this Geeky nerd from Tauranga New Zealand is enough to fill one of the best crime stories of all times. Most on youtube and his VORTEX gang know him as David Greg, a name he uses and brought into play around 2013. WHY?  yes why would anyone decide one day to change and use a second name? It appears his real name is David Greig so why or what would cause him to suddenly drop the i.  Moving to Greg from Greig.  Checks on records show NO David Greg in his town. But still show a David Greig.  The Tauranga Astronomical Club in New Zealand which he is a active long term member have him as David Greig even after his obvious deliberate second id moves.

David Greig Dazzathecameraman

As you can see from the Picture on the right in his early years attending the school Evening Astronomy lecture, he was David Greig and on the left a little older suddenly to the world he is David Greg.  But he is not Greg ! He is still David Greig this is the puzzle?  Why Lie and tell everyone on Youtube & Facebook he is David Greg?  Why the change? Whats wrong with Greig?

As you can now see this David Greig in New Zealand MUST be hiding or ashamed of something but What?  Why the hiding the name?  Many Questions.

It can only be speculated as to why he wants to hide his name or have 2 indentities to the world?  But many speak of differing reasons as listed below.

  1. The name change was around the same time frame as Money Earnings on youtube, Greig is a New Zealand Sponger who is kept by the New Zealand Tax payers due to a illness, which supposedly stops him from working.  Name change would allow his benefits to keep rolling, should nobody spot & Connect the 2 names.
  2. Being housebound most the time the Internet is his only release and using a different name his many seedy youtube and other contacts allow him to be the Person he wishes he was, had he not been stuck with his illness. A Chance to be somebody who can Bully and mix with other sad like minded people to get his kicks.
  3. A Youtuber sangstar, claimed Greig and his mate in his VORTEX club on facebook back in 2013 were sick perverts and had proof Greig had sangstar issued with a silence order by the Police, so the rumours say.  So is this enough to warrant the change of name? Was sangstar on to something? who knows?
  4. It is a Fact Dave Greig dazzathecameraman and Lippincott are a team joined at the hip, sharing secrets and "always" around attacks on other youtubers. So deep is the bond Greig has spent years spinning Lies and false stories to protect Lippincott Logan at any chance possible. Anyone who knows Lippincott knows he is EVIL To the core and ONLY other sick minded individuals would even choose to admit knowing him, let alone hide and cover his past sickness and evil doings.
  5. The ability to run 2 differing names gives the ability to hide donation money and youtube earnings from the New Zealand Government and avoid disabilty reduction, its common knowledge dazzathecameraman begs for donations and earns on youtube revenue streaming.
  6.  Greigs disability Government tax payer handouts rely on his NOT being able to work .  Using David Greg hides the FACT that the real David Greig can work days none stop on Youtube and Facebook and still fit in full long features lectures at the Tauranga Observatory.  To the New Zealand Investigators "Greg" and "Greig" would be looked at as seperate individuals and thus NOT Connect them being the same.

HOW DO WE KNOW  Greg and Greig are the same? PROOF is easy when you spend a little time,PUBLIC records show him here.

David Greig Dazzathecameraman

ONLY 1  David Greig is listed in the Tauranga New Zealand Public Phone Book.  A follow through on the Google Map brings you to the Home location, from this with dazzathecameraman very own videos & his facebook links under his COVER name of Dave Greg used on both, You get the CONFIRMATIONS many a time as the examples below.

David Greig Dazzathecameraman Tauranga Observatory

NOTE ABOVE & below Tauranga Astronomical Society member David Greig ..   Then follow on to The Same feature by the Greg of youtube dazzathecameraman. 

David Greig Dazzathecameraman New Zealand

David Greig Dazzathecameraman Busted

SEE?  dazzathecameraman the made up name "Greg" -  YET The Reality is the David Greig of the above address.

HOW DO YOU KNOW its the same man and the same address?  that is EASY.

Go Check the Google map for yourselves- CLICK HERE ... Look at the house on the right ..........

David Greig Dazzathecameraman New Zealand Video Submit


The Facts are David Greig is dazzathecameraman is correct and as to why he hides is the BIG Mystery?  And Why he needs to get thrills by mixing with EVIL others on Youtube is a worry to normal people?  and so -  David Greig Dazzathecameraman WHAT WHO IS HE & WHY Is He ?

One thing that does stand out loud and Clear. His choice in Tops has not altered over the years , same old same old grey black top, no matter what.

New Zealand Astronomy club David Greig Dazzathecameraman

David Greig Dazzathecameraman 2017


David Greig Dazzathecameraman WHAT WHO IS HE Alarms Ring Danger