WAPbucks WILLIAM A PRICE Oregon Portland Lies and Failure


WAPbucks WILLIAM A PRICE Oregon Portland Lies and Failure williamPricePortlandOREGON

WILLIAM A PRICE of Portland Oregon, the Dignity Village, STARBUCKS Portland Bin Scavenger, again uncovered, with his usual baffle with jargon, he tells more rubbish to his Team Gang Members, this one that he is so good he can get 8,000 views on a single video, even on his new channel. And that a website gets some maximum 4 visits a day, as his trusted Alexa told him.  What rubbish but then rubbish and Price go hand in hand.  Watch the video and hear how he makes the bet, of which of course he failed big time, but his flock who suffer his rubbish and swallow it he knows will not be bothered and forget.  Lies and Rubbish is everyday for the Rat Team and TROLL gang and they all lie to each other, it is all normal to them.

The record was put straight as we got sent the actual statistics of the website as you will see he lied and was wrong on that, and as you will see in 2 months, giving him double the time he also was wrong and failed at the bet he made. ONLY Thick others in his small gang would know he lies and just reads out mumbo jumbo to sound impressive, it works on the gang but that is about all. He managed a peak of 70 views on the video, and 50 of them would be his gangs fake accounts.

What is hysterical is the way the others all hail him as this super genius, as the Sara Pittman chat log , they all hang on his very word, and he is held in high esteem and they all aspire to be like him one day. LOL. They even put Pete WDHCo down as being wanting to be " a wannabe" like William A Price .  Yes well i bet Pete was gutted to not end up as smooth and successful as Mr price, i mean what Guy would not want to be that cool and such a hit with the Females, have a cycle to get to the bins on and enjoy the finest left over crusts and biscuits freely available in the Starbucks Bins.   And have a group of friends online like the Quality shown below. Ex Cons, scammers, Liars cheats yes the cream of Youtube in a small bundle..

WAPbucks WILLIAM A PRICE Oregon Portland Lies and Failure

WAPbucks WILLIAM A PRICE Oregon Portland Lies and Failure   WAPbucks WILLIAM A PRICE Oregon Portland Lies and Failure



Below is the stats from which is not massive, and not designed to be anything more than a select website, covering ELENIN and NIBIRU,  but IT certainly gets a little more than 4 views or visits a day,  The MOST Hilarious thing which just shows how sad the Gang of shitters are, is they honestly fall for his bullshit and waffle, and mind blowingly dull bullshit day after day. And look up to and inspire to be like him?  WTF !!  How stupid are they?

Peter Kuske stats

Yes a little more than 4 visits a day on that one.


Look what David Greig - Greg or Gregg depends on the weather said, as he put the shout out to him on his channel. Greig is his long term best Pal and they go back many years with there youtube harrasses and troubles, like brothers they are.


WAPbucks WILLIAM A PRICE Oregon Portland Lies and Failure