William A Price Portland Oregon USA TROLL Gang member Makes up Stories for TROLL GANG

The video above was made by William A Price, who hangs outside STARBUCKS 3366 U.S. 30, Portland, OREGON, In the Grand USA.  The video was made PURELY to slander and attack a Friend and supporter of this website. WILLIAM A PRICE, The Child Molesting Sicko known locally as the Starbucks Hacker, is a well known TROLL gang member, and is 100% supported by them. So in the usual TROLL gang way they make up stories to try to stop this website from showing what they are all like and this shows how they try to attack, and slander anyone who supports this website, or attampts to expose the sick secrets of the Kiddy fiddling Gang. When you do some research on Price you find out why he ended up amongst the bins in Starbucks. As his past is enough to turn even a Troll members stomach, as below a few did the research and child Rape and kids pics and pedohilia is again very much part the scene.  THIS Is something Price does NOT want even his sick close pals finding out, and why he helps them with slandering harrassing to keep all of them looking clean.. well clean and Price is a bad choice of wording, let us just say Online hiding..

William A Price Portland Oregon USA TROLL Gang member Makes up Stories for TROLL GANG

The video starts by William A Price stating that the person the TROLL gang are attacking has a Paypal account that is being used to blackmail himself and others  else they will be on this website, and the other websites. Now seen as this person does not own this or the other websites that are connected to this site, and these websites do not have a Paypal donate button, then it is obvious that it is a complete and utter Lie.!  The person he and his Troll gang are attacking has nothing to do with this website. This is being done by him and the TROLL gang because we at Youtube Rats show the truth of what they do and how they themselves are known criminals , and use lies and slander to attack other people to try to get us to stop people knowing the truth about them.

William A Price Portland Oregon USA TROLL Gang member Makes up Stories

According to William A Price, he and other people are supposed to have emails stating about this blackmail for money , strange how he does not show these emails. Yet we at Youtube Rats have shown these TROLL members actually using blackmail, like what Christopher Lippincott has done.  Lets not forget Christopher Lippincotts GO FUND ME scam which is in another article on this website and is still running as of today!!. Funny how William A Price acusse others of scams yet his good friends run scams and   extract money from people! His Sick Pal Christopher Neil Lippincott as below still has a scam ongoing, NO Troll member ever mentions this..

Blackmailer Christopher Lippincotts GO FUND ME SCAM

Another well known TROLL member DAZZATHECAMERAMAN.

David Greig Gregg Dazzathecameraman Tauranga  WILLIAM A PRICE   David Greig Gregg Dazzathecameraman Tauranga NZ

He has Paypal donate buttons on his Youtube channel ,and his facebook page and anywhere he can put it. His is registered under DAZZATHECAMERAMAN and not his real name! Why would you do that?. He is not a registered company or corporation, so seen as he is asking for donations under a ficticious name , maybe he is scamming people out of money. Dont forget he doesnt work, and yet people have donated so he could buy a new camera to make videos on Youtube, not about space or anything like that but to constantly harass and attack other Youtubers. Maybe he should be investegated by Paypal!

Lets get onto the next load of bullshit that the TROLL gang member is spouting. According to William A Price this website and the others we own, everything is made up, strange how everything we state about this sick gang , has either come from their own mouths in videos, or has links to their criminal records and the scams that they run! He also states that we tell people to go and attack these  sick people on Youtube. We do not do that, we just show what sicko's these are as people have a right to know, they might live next door to you! Also it seems ok for these TROLL gang to put peoples names and address out in Youtube videos , but no one is allowed to do it back to them!!

According to this Looney Tune William A Price the person owns this website and the web domain name has been seized! Strange how this article is being written and website still up and running, so obviously the sicko is lying as its so obviously not been seized. Neither have any of the other websites!!

Ok the next load of crap, by the so trust worthy William A Price is this person is an EXpat, which means he has moved to another country, has only done this because of the Paypal scam that this looney has made up for the TROLL gang! He obviously is not as clever as his stupid subscribers think he is! You see what William A Price hasnt researched is the UK is in Europe and if people are wanted in the UK ,especially criminal activity or law suits you can no longer hide out in a European country! He must think its still the 1960's where Ronnie Biggs hid out in Spain and could not be touched by the police! Really William your suppossed to be clever ( Yeah to thicko's maybe) do some reasearch and stop making bullshit up for your TROLL Gang! He also states there are many Paypal accoutns which once again is completely made up, as you can see from the video he is the same as the other sicko on Youtube Christopher Lippincott, if they say it , it must be true, even when they can show no evidence of it!!

The Loon William A Price then goes on to say this person tried to extract money from Hyundai. Yep  Hyundai thats what he was trying to say! Obviously so clever yet cannot pronounce Hyundai correctly, and have never heard of them. Thats because this piece of trash only owns a push bike!  So according to William A Price, when someone buys a car and is brand new out of the showroom, and within under 12 months the brakes fail on the car, and Hyundai are not interested. Then the person should not be allowed to let people know about the faulty brakes, as other may be affected. According to William A Price the high and mighty voice of the TROLLS and Youtube this is classed as trying to extract money!. So once again it shows what a load of bullshit these TROLL members make up to try to make people look as bad as they are!!

Ok last load of bullshit he comes out with is the person he and TROLL are attacking was working  doing SEO for companies. Wrong again William A Price. The person in question used to make websites for people, and yep if people didnt pay him or pay for the server space the websites were pulled down!. I'm sure if he has done everything that this dirty low life liar William A Price has said he has done then people would know about and i'm sure its a criminal offence so he would have been convicted of an offence. Seen as the person in question was the owner of a respectable, honest  profitable Tyre company in the UK, then i doubt he would be very hard to find if he had done these things!


Ok so lets summarize What the low life William A Price has said in the video. He said he is sending an email to PAYPAL, regarding this person. Without any proof whatsoever he suspects that this person is using extortion to stop them from being on this website, which has nothing to do with the person in question! He states that the person sends emails to everyone stating this. Yet again with no proof of any emails. The person does this through Paypal donate buttons which are supposed to be also on this website. No paypal button never has been on here, so yet another lie! This website has been seized because of paypal fraud. Well strange i'm still adding articles and its still up on the internet!. The person is hiding out in Spain and can never go back to the UK as he's wanted for these made up crimes and also loads of law suits against him! Complete and utter bullshit, William is so smart and clever , yet knows nothing about the European laws, and that people can not hide in Europe anymore, even if anyone needed to..

William A Price Portland Oregon USA TROLL Gang member Makes up Stories for TROLL GANG

So The Sick Dirty Trash who smells like the Trash he sits next to whilst making his hogwash lies and stories, which ONLY other like minded fools believe and fail to see how he bluffs his way through life, hence why he is stuck in a shed or tent and resorts to making videos, from a waste bin on a main highway. Yes Success story in the TROLL gangs eyes and someone to inspire to end up like..


William A Price Portland Oregon USA TROLL Gang member Makes up Stories for TROLL GANG