Diaries of a Madman Christopher loves Little Boys Lippincott

In this Video Diaries of a Madman Christopher loves Little Boys Lippincott, Shows the Truth in his normal calm beat you with a baseball bat, love little boys way. If anyone still has any doubts about just how mad this TBR Certified Boat sales of Haltom City Texas is? Watch and see. Its a video that will just keep you in stitches and make you wonder why he has not been sectioned and put in rehab yet?

Like the video Man says, check out the TRUTH and do not be a little tiny boy, Truth and PROOF from the Queen of Lies, a world class capture of this evil dangerous scruffy smelly looney tune, in full action. 

see below, and the website for Real truth check the links and look closely at the discovered private messages made by his sidekick in sleaze, and Rat Team TROLL teamster David Greig or Greg , dependant on who is asking or looking? Just like the Haltom City Texas Finleys Boats Certified Boat Sales smoothy, Christopher Lippincott aka Lippencott again depends on if Police are looking or not as to what name is used ..

He Got the wrong Lippincott Family, NO Surprise .  But of interest was what they showed what he said, TAX evasion at Finleys Boats and Lippincott worked CASH in Hand for years ..  That is why Finley Boats Todd got fatter and Logan got sicker and older rapidly..  Drugs and booze has raced the decay of the body as is shown on later videos he made, a smelly wreck is what a woman from Texas stated on her night with him, and never went back or intends to.


Diaries of a Madman Christopher Little Boys Lippincott TAX Evasion

Chaz Todd Finley TX Logan Christopher N LIPPINCOTT texas    dazza the cameraman David Greig-Greg-Gregg Tauranga New Zealand


Charles Todd Finley Lexington Fort Worth - Christopher N Lippincott-Lippencott  Haltom City TX     David Greig-Greg-Gregg Tauranga  New Zealand 


Diaries of a Madman Christopher loves Little Boys Lippincott