Christopher N Lippincott Haltom City Forth Worth Texas up to date pictureChristopher Lippincott Fort Worth Texas USA Druggie

Christopher Lippincott aka as Logan Runnin on youtube, makes videos harrasing people about their criminal records and outstanding warrants for unpaid fines!!

We have on a previous page shown that he is not the squeaky clean upstanding member of the community he likes everyone to think he is.

He goes around on Youtube calling himself the KING OF TRUTH, and thinks he is the authority on who can and can not be allowed on Youtube.

He decides who should be attacked and harassed and also blackmailed into leaving Youtube, and hoping that his little criminal minions will help him do this.

What Christopher Lippincott does not want people to know is that not also does he have his own criminal record for actual bodily harm

( which happened while he was in the military and so was dealt with by the military). He too has outstanding warrants for unpaid fines!!

Below is a picture of his criminal record, which only has the bear minimum required to show he has a record, because of it being dealt with by the military!!

Christopher Lippincott Wife beater court document

His criminal hacker friend WILLIAM A PRICE (WAPTEK) made a video trying to tell people that this is not a real criminal record.Seen as William A Price is a close friend of Christopher Lippincott, and thinks he's an expert in everything ( even thought he lives on the streets , and has to steal Starbucks internet to help harass people) he would know everything about his friend, and that he once lived in Hawaii, and was in the militaryuntil he was dishonery discharged! You would also think he would know that he uses Christopher Lippencott as his other name!!

William A Price confirms Christopher Lippincotts criminal record

As you can see even his friend William A Price finds that 95% of this document is correct! He later stated that he was wrong with the height , and that he was told it was correct, just wrote in a certain way. Now if his friend William A Price had checked using this name CHRISTOPHER N LIPPINCOTT,and not the name his friend lied about CHRISTOPHER  LIPPENCOTT, then he would have found it is correct, andhe would have found the outstanding warrants also!!

Christopher N Lippincott Christopher Lippencott Haltom City Fort Worth texas USA criminal Record Search

Here are CHRISTOPHER N LIPPINCOTT'S latest court records, which he doesnt tell anyone about!! 

christopher Lippincott haltomCity Fort Worth texas USA new offences

Below is an image of an old traffic offence in 2013, this was for driving without any insurance!! This means this piece of trash CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT could have had an accident and if seriously injured someone, then that innoccent person would have to have covered all medical bills etc themselves. As this trash lives in a cockroach infested rented apartment , has run down old car, has an old crappy camera, and a old acient laptop, so no pot to piss in for anyone to make a claim against him!!

Christopher N Lippincott Charged No Insurance Court Document

 Below are the recent two outstanding traffic offences which CHRISTOPHER N LIPPINCOTT has yet to pay and so they have warrants on them!!

Christopher Lippincott unpaid fines court document 1

christopher N Lippincott unpaid fines court document 2

This is a video showing that the warrants are outstanding and proving that these are genuine court documents of CHRISTOPHER N LIPPINCOTT 

To show what a liar and a piece of trash this idiot is, he even has a go fund me account still running which was supposed to be for help while he was off work with a injury he required while working for FINLEY'S TOTAL BOAT RESTORATIONS Haltom City TEXAS  (TBR) , and because he had to move out of his apartment and needed money for a deposit for somewhere else.

Christopher Lippincott Haltom City Fort Worth Texas Go Fund Me Fraud

  As you can see this is in his name CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOT . This Go Fund Me is still running as of today! Why would he need help surely he would be getting sick pay, especially that the accident happened at his work place?. Does this mean that his partner CHARLES (TODD) FINLEY pays him cash in hand , and so he can not claim sick pay? Does CHARLES (TODD) FINLEY pay all his workers this way and not paying his taxes like anyother business does? Also CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT did not need money for somewhere new to live. His appartment block was infested with cockroaches, and he had to move out temporarily while the place was fumigated, and this was paid for buy the appartment block owner!! Was CHRISTOPHER LIPPINCOTT  trying to scam people out of money? seems so, and he is still doing so to this day, why wasnt the Go Fund Me account shut down when he got the money he needed? Seems to us that this is what he uses to fund his long drug addiction!! Up till today he has been given 785 dollars for a lie!!    Scamming his OWN Friends.



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