HELP Needed Logans Scumbags have broken DSW74 family His 2 kids have been taken away

The Logan Team Have completed there sleaziest evil conquest ever, with a combination of Finleys Boats Texas PC during the days and the Night Time planning with others including Paul DSW74 - Darkskywatcher74  ex wife , by accusing him of being a criminal and scamming people none stop, the saddo team and friends of Logan have managed to stop and disrupt his income stream and promotions leading up to the planned AREA 51 trip, BUT !!  and this is the real sick part they have accused Paul of some horrific stuff and called Police in and the CPS all on absolute bogus stuff,  with 1 single aim to destroy DSW74 as the man and as a perfectly timed way to stop the planned visit to AREA 51, exactly as the Logan team wanted and planned for..

The position is now that due to the accusations the Police swooped seized all his PC phones and stuff, the sad thing is in doing this the 2 kids have been taken away from him !!  All based on a bullshit story.  So this Must be the Finest Hour for the Logan team, "EXACTLY" What they planned and built up to doing..

And so Us DECENT People need to stand up !  Enough of these SICKO´s when are you youtubers going to grow some balls and STOP these Sicko Logan team group ???  Its NO Good hiding and saying well NOT MY Problem as thats the cowards way and worse than that, IT COULD BE YOU as the innocent victim next time ??  So think on ?? 

We Now need to help Paul in anyway possible, this can be done by contacting Police contacting Youtube and shouting NO MORE !!! Decent subs stand up be counted . 


Watch the video below and hear from Paul himself as to the problems and how he has been attacked in a planned year long Hate Campaign.

Then check out the websites in the WARNINGS Sections at the bottom , and spread and WARN Others ,before some other victims get the Sicko Logan RAT Team Gang Harassing  !!

wmv version

So that was what was placed public and sent the shock through youtube, Now as we always know 2 sides to every story so when the scumbag team got her on a live public chat it was luckily recorded complete with chat column,  Note there version has NONE of this and this contains a wealth of info, however that is of not much concern to this section except 1 thing stood out LOUD and clear and alarmingly !  Namely during the show dazza yes he was there and helped with getting the phone number right etc, but made a point of telling viewers the age differences, Pauls Criminal conviction for viewers to read and i am sure was positively drooling, this did not come as too big a surprise but 1 thing did send alarm bells ringing !!  and even Pete said WTF !!!   Why  WTF ??  Well listen carefully to the video and it clearly states "She was ringing and speaking with dazza way back in 2014 May June time its guessed, as it was with the old area51 trip Paul DSW  made ??  Other key points from the video response are in this video watch it then go below .


Why ?  Was NOT shown Her criminal record which has some 15 entries and some still pending ?  WHY ? was the drug addiction conviction info of her as below NOT shown ?  all easily available online a link could of been made but NOBODY did ? instead it was a one sided slate.  The person she named as the so called person Jeff Duke ripped of by Paul was messaged and asked if true ?  he said NOPE DSW74 owes him nothing and had only praise for him !  So that told us that was a lie she made . Why should she be chatting with dazza way back in 2014 ?  why would videos still be had or be given to dazza and logan back in 2014 ? so many other things sent alarm bells ringing.  Looking around NOT 1 person has been seen who has been ripped off ? so if this was the case surely a few would be shouting on videos "DSW ripped me off" etc etc .  BUT  None we could find ..  Many other points stood out as a ex who was jilted and angry , but on the plus side she got a FREE fridge from the deal !!  As usual you decide but the chat did nothing but confirm the DSW story in our eyes.

 THE OTHER SIDE The ex wife convictions conveniently omitted from the chat below .



HELP Needed Logans Scumbags have broken DSW74 family



 HELP Needed Logans Scumbags have broken DSW74 family


HELP Needed Logans Scumbags have broken DSW74 family  Finleys certified boats Texas Chris Lippincott Logan  David-Greig-Greg-dazzathecameraman



 starbucks WPTEK - STARBUCKS-3366-US30-Portland-Oregon

 HELP Needed Logans Scumbags have broken DSW74 family



HELP Needed Logan & his Scumbags have broken Darkskywatcher74 family


The Smoking Gun The Live CHAT the smelly Rats want hidden

The Story so far, The Gang of lowlifes spent months and months and months setting a Youtuber up, all is in place and gone according to plan, in order to finish there chosen victim, just a small finishing touch is needed.

Now lets be honest this Grand event the final slandering and destructon of a victim of the size and nature of this youtuber, is likened to a FA Cup Final, or the Superbowl of events to the Gang. A Rat is NOT missing this for anything !!  So what a perfect time to list and catch these saddo sickos ..  Sure enough like the fleas they are to the honeypot they come, drooling and getting sexually excited at the mere thought of the final part the plan coming to fruition.


A few people caught and recorded just the audio part the video, and its 4 hours of hell and torture and NOT worth wasting the time on , But on our trimmed version 30 minutes the key points do raise some SERIOUS points and indeed back up the DSW side the story.  So back to the what we call "THE SMOKING GUN" video. 

Not just content with grabbing the video of the liar druggies hangout, alone.  what was specially captured with it was the LIVE CHAT ..  why is this important ?  well on these live hangouts after the show that content is gone and lost ..  So its a place where people chat talk and think its only going to be there for a hour or for the show..  The BIG Leaders - Players would be there for this one, as stated it was like the big Must Not Miss of the Ratters season.  They had gone big league no more just poofaces or your a titty poo poo like the rats old kiddy games.  Now Logan Runnin has hit the big time !! a dominatrix hooker druggy who is going to dish the dirt on there victim !!  

So watch the video and you will see who the rats are by name, so you can ban block delete accordingly. Also see if you spot the 2 of the main BIG Players behind the scenes, who already knew so so much etc.


Make Sure To Look and see "The Smoking Gun Video" See what rat is smelling near you .