HELP Needed Logans Scumbags have broken a family His 2 kids have been taken away

The Logan Team Have completed there sleaziest evil conquest ever, with a combination of Finleys Boats Texas PC during the days, and the Night Time planning with others including Paul DSW74 - Darkskywatcher74  ex wife , by accusing him of being a criminal and scamming people none stop, the saddo team and friends of Logan have managed to stop and disrupt his income stream and promotions leading up to the planned AREA 51 trip, BUT !!  and this is the real sick part they have accused Paul of some horrific stuff and called Police in and the CPS all on absolute bogus stuff,  with 1 single aim to destroy DSW74 as the man and as a perfectly timed way to stop the planned visit to AREA 51, exactly as the Logan team wanted and planned for..

The position is now that due to the accusations the Police swooped seized all his PC phones and stuff, the sad thing is in doing this the 2 kids have been taken away from him !!  All based on a bullshit story.  So this Must be the Finest Hour for the Logan team, "EXACTLY" What they planned and built up to doing..

And so Us DECENT People need to stand up !  Enough of these SICKO´s when are you youtubers going to grow some balls and STOP these Sicko Logan team group ???  Its NO Good hiding and saying well NOT MY Problem as thats the cowards way and worse than that, IT COULD BE YOU as the innocent victim next time ??  So think on ?? 

We Now need to help Paul in anyway possible, this can be done by contacting Police contacting Youtube and shouting NO MORE !!! Decent subs stand up be counted . 

Paul will now have a hard slog to prove his innocence and in ANY event is seriously out of pocket

Watch the video below and hear from Paul himself as to the problems and how he has been attacked in a planned year long Hate Campaign.

Then check out the websites in the WARNINGS Sections at the bottom , and spread and WARN Others ,before some other victims get the Sicko Logan fun games  !!


wmv version


REAL Bad People Online OFFLINE Nasty Evil Slime HELP needed

REAL Bad People Online OFFLINE Nasty Evil Slime HELP needed



 REAL Bad People Online OFFLINE Nasty Evil Slime HELP needed

When his Boss Partner was told and asked  what he thought on Chris  Lippincott  he replied "He is a Great Guy" !!!! and they now do there crimes from the office all for a laugh !!

So if anyone wants to speak and give your opinions of the blackmail scum

Speak to Todd  at Finleys Boat Restorations  ( outside USA add  001 )   817-726-9998



HELP Needed Logan & his Scumbags have broken Darkskywatcher74 family