Chris Lippincott, Haltom City, Texas, USA.  aka Logan Runnin of Finley Boats Claim to fame in videos

Just a small collection of the mounds of videos clips and files , received and grabbed of this Sick Chris Lippincotts LIFE & also for interest a look at accomplice and partner of his Todd Finley of Finley Boats Haltom City Texas who aids and abetts him dodge Police and other concerned citizens, trying to bring the book of rights to this Mad crazed Cyber Bully Online !!

Blackmail threats of Chris Lippincott from youtube , note; names of victims edited out of respect ..


Chris Lippincott "CAUGHT" Stealing Identities


A Kid confrontation at his home , Seven Oaks Apts, Loraine Street, Haltom City, Texas, USA.


A "ANGRY Father" and YouTuber catches him selling dealing kids pictures online on his channel , and is pretty annoyed !!

Using One of his alternate identities on youtube "Jetson X" another super hero name to him !!  He tried to frame others and sell his kids pic collection.

Logan Runnin AKA Logan JetsonX AKA Chester T.M _Video

Removed by request of the father


Chris - Logan Runnin - "Christopher Lippincott" at his Boat Business "Finleys Boat restorations"  Showing what quality service awaits you when he disagrees with anyone ??

Finleys Boats Texas warm customer greetings Chris Lippincott



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