SECRET Christopher Lippincott Story His Accomplices HIDE & Cover up.

From Women beating to Blackmails and little boys, drugs, alcohol abuse, and a Mental illness, Christopher N Lippincott posesses it all, Its all Public information FACTS and Evidence, NOT made up as Lippincott shouts day after day as he and his Sick like minded Gang Shout.
The most alarming and worry is why do those who know the Real Truth on Certified Boat Sales Haltom City Texas Chris Lippincott. COVER and Lie for him? and even go so far as to spend money and time, everytime TRUTH is shown on Logan Christopher Neil Lippincott, to attack and slander those who know the truth? Why would anyone knowing the truth LIE for him?
Those who are, MUST only be involved in some of his Sick behind the scenes activities, and pushed in to a situation of Lippincott Telling them back me up or he will Tell all and slander them also.  These weak accomplices are shown after the IMPORTANT report which was received at  The Reporter has insisted on not being named as they are close
to Chris Lippincott and his Partner Chaz Todd Finley ,in TBR Certified Boat Sales of Texas, they are very scared that if they are known as the one who told the story, they will be attacked and may even be beaten by the Finley Boats Texas Crew, and the Gangs History of Assaults online and offline known about, we understand the risk they have taken in bringing the Real Truth on Christopher Lippincott.

The records in the Public domain relating to the Assault and Prevention of allowing needed help for the victim, is now no more a mystery, as they advise the Occasion, this 2012 incident took place.
SECRET Christopher Lippincott TX Story His Accomplices HIDE & Cover up
The Report said Christopher Neil Lippincott (Logan) had been drinking or was highly drugged up, and entered in to a mad rage, the woman who he was with at the time, was suddenly pounced on for something she said, and Christopher Lippincott using that name at the time, beat her ferociously like a man posessed. The woman laid screaming on the floor begging him to stop, but Lippincott just carried on seemingly enjoying every blow and kick as she was laying on the floor with blood dripping from her face and head.
After several minutes Logan seemed to realize the damage he had done, he stopped sat on a chair and as she was crying and begging for help he laughed. The woman repeatedly tried to call 911 for assistance on her mobile and Logan Lippincott still laughing smashed the phone, and stopped medical and Police help being made.  This is why on the Police Charges it shows 2 charges.
One is for the assault, while the second is for the Obstruction and hinderence of allowing the victim urgent help, and needed medical attendance. It was much later the woman could get away and drag herself to raise the alarm, Police then arrived and Logan was duly arrested and charged.  The Report then said that Logan had either threatened the woman victim to NOT go ahead and continue the charges or she, and her family, would pay the consequences, this detail is unknown how Lippincott escaped Prison time, but some mental clause and a deal that Logan Lippincott, MUST do a Anger Control course or similar, this part they say is not clear, the charges and the story is known, the conclusion the reporter is not sure of the very final events, as not many will speak of the incident the woman victim, still carries the scars, mentally and physically on her face, but she has left Texas and moved away to escape.

Now the charge sheet is FACT, the 2 seperate charges, do colloborate the Persons knowledge, so is accurate. The Burning question is when the easily Public domain charge is known and ALL these listed below, KNOW all this and KNEW the assaults by Logan Mr Christopher Lippincott, why ,do they HIDE it all, and Lie to cover?

/David-Greig-Greg-dazzathecameraman-youtube-150-NgataiRd-Otumoetai-Tauranga-BayofPlenty-NEW-ZEALAND  Charles-Todd-Finley-Boat-Sales-4509-Marguerite-lane-FortWorth-Texas Charlie-Chaz-Todd-Finley

Chaz-Todd-Finley-Chris-Lippincott-TBR-Certified-Boats-TEXAS    C-J-Storey-Seattle-Washington-Chris-lippincott-accomplice  Lippincott-PCexpert-William-A-Price-WAPTek-Portland-Oregon-USA

WHAT Sick secrets does Logan have on these obviously sick minded like people? The FACTS speak for themselves. Check the USA Public domain charge sheets do the searches, NOT bogus but official Police arrests, and this assault is the second assault by Christopher Lippincott, again a Woman ! Again it was in a drunk state and he was kicked out the military for it.  WHY are these protecting him what is it Chris Lippincott has on his Partner at TBR Certified Boat Sales Texas, Charles Todd Finley Fort Worth Texas, that makes them accept a Woman beater as being fine and good?
When something looks and smells rotten, normally it is, and this small bunch are hiding some serious stuff which Lippincott obviously has on them.  WHAT Is it? Pedophilia ring? Drugs? Who knows, but anyone who would HIDE and Lie to cover Lippincott, when this has been known what a sick man he is, has to be in on his Gang of Hate violence and depravity. He has been Free to run online gofundme scams, gets given money when he calls for it, it is all very puzzling.


Christopher Lippincott TX The Story His Accomplices HIDE

Ben Mathews Exposes Chris Lippincott Logan YOUTUBE Lies

Ben Time Traveler exposes Chris Lippincott Haltom City Texas Youtubes Mr Evil, In this mix video BTT shows on youtube just how much of a shit the Certified Boats Finley Texas liar is. He exposed both just how thick Lippincott is, and confirms just how superior in brains and skill, Ben is. Also the dope evil Christopher N Lippincott tells his accomplice in evil schemes identity as the Angel C J Storey of Seattle Washington, During one of his drugged or drunken youtube video live chats, he tells that this C J Storey Seattle Washington, is the very same old Bruce Hamilton user which did Logan Runnin Lippincotts behind the scenes sleaze and sick stuff, and lies to cover the Lippincott Crimes.

The video Ben showed on the original Youtube video, Christopher Lippincott had made but forgot, and so when Ben shows the video Logan Lippincott actually started , saying shouting look the proof  Ben Mathews makes money he has the money symbol on his videos, theres the proof and stuff.  the joke however was on dopey druggy Lippincott as you will see in the video. Ben outsmarted the thick drugged up Christopher Neil Lippincott -  Logan. When he finally revealed it was Lippincotts own old video he showed, the idiot was so stupid he did not spot his own videos. From this its now known why he turned in to this Mr Evil Druggy, as he lost the income he had been getting, and became this sick Certified Boats dangerous evil piece of shit. Hated by all except his partners in his sick stuff C J Storey and David Greig Greg, and Partner Charles Todd Finley, who are bound to secrecy and he has them under his wing, as he knows and they know the sick stuff they have done over the years, and what he could spill on them.
C J Storey Seattle Washington  Todd-Finley-Chris-Lippincott-Certified-Boat-Sales-Haltom-City-Texas
FINAL CONCLUSION;  Christopher Neil Lippincott YOUTUBER Logan, IS A THICK EVIL Piece of garbage. C J Storey MUST be desperate to even associate with him, and she is a shady character who abuses YOUTUBE, and
Ben Mathews is smarter and way in a higher class than Lippincott. All of this in one little video..
Cockroach infestations Chris N Lippincott Haltom City Texas

Ben Mathews Exposes Chris Lippincott Logan YOUTUBE Lies 


Christopher Lippincott Finleys Boats Texas Strikes again


Christopher Lippincott Finleys Boats Texas, Strikes again with his usual lies, and attempts to trash youtubers and people he dislikes, he picks again on Ben Time traveler, Ben Mathews. Going to his videos and picking on his good friends and
subscribers, he picks them off and spreads lies of Ben being some Rapist, the usual Drugged up thinking from a known proven sick kid fiddling criminal, with a temper which is so highly strung and wired to his frazzled brain, due to drugs and years
of frustrations of his sexuality, he snaps and this time on videos and by posting his inner demons thoughts, Christopher Neil Lippincott of Haltom City and Certified Boat Sales Texas, chose the Rapist crime for Ben Mathews working on his idea
if he says it 2 times then its all the truth, and he is the king of truth and he gets his excitement. Add to that his thrill of inflicting Pain and torture to women and kids, he picks also on Ben Mathews Sister a elderly decent woman, who does
not even own a PC, let alone even go online. But that does not matter to Logan Lippincott as long as he can scare someone and spread lies, he is happy, and so are his close like minded sick pals, The TROLL Rat gang team, who defend this shit day after day.

Listen Watch the video taken and made by Ben Time traveler as he gets the situation and explains more.

Christopher Lippincott Finleys Boats Texas Strikes again

Christopher Lippincott Finleys Boats Texas Strikes again slander website

Now his sick friends have made and produced and allow Lippincott access to websites, he uses that as a further threat to make up lies and whatever he feels to tell the world. So therefore YOU all had better do as he says or you
will go on them.  This brainwave by his close pals will backfire as they now MUST do as he says and Lie and cover him even more than before, or they know he will expose the Real hidden behind the scenes truth on ALL of them, and they will
end up on the very same server websites THEY gave to him.   Yes TROLL are certainly a clever bunch, give Lippincott a website is like giving him a little blonde boy, he will wet himself with excitement forever every day.

 Christopher Lippincott Finleys Boats Texas Strikes again

William-A-Price-Portland-Oregon-USA  Finleys Boats Christopher Neil Lippincott Haltom City Fort Worth Texas

David Greig dazzathecameraman youtuber Tauranga New Zealand


Diaries of a Madman Christopher loves Little Boys Lippincott

In this Video Diaries of a Madman Christopher loves Little Boys Lippincott, Shows the Truth in his normal calm beat you with a baseball bat, love little boys way. If anyone still has any doubts about just how mad this TBR Certified Boat sales of Haltom City Texas is? Watch and see. Its a video that will just keep you in stitches and make you wonder why he has not been sectioned and put in rehab yet?

Like the video Man says, check out the TRUTH and do not be a little tiny boy, Truth and PROOF from the Queen of Lies, a world class capture of this evil dangerous scruffy smelly looney tune, in full action. 

see below, and the website for Real truth check the links and look closely at the discovered private messages made by his sidekick in sleaze, and Rat Team TROLL teamster David Greig or Greg , dependant on who is asking or looking? Just like the Haltom City Texas Finleys Boats Certified Boat Sales smoothy, Christopher Lippincott aka Lippencott again depends on if Police are looking or not as to what name is used ..

He Got the wrong Lippincott Family, NO Surprise .  But of interest was what they showed what he said, TAX evasion at Finleys Boats and Lippincott worked CASH in Hand for years ..  That is why Finley Boats Todd got fatter and Logan got sicker and older rapidly..  Drugs and booze has raced the decay of the body as is shown on later videos he made, a smelly wreck is what a woman from Texas stated on her night with him, and never went back or intends to.


Diaries of a Madman Christopher Little Boys Lippincott TAX Evasion

Chaz Todd Finley TX Logan Christopher N LIPPINCOTT texas    dazza the cameraman David Greig-Greg-Gregg Tauranga New Zealand


Charles Todd Finley Lexington Fort Worth - Christopher N Lippincott-Lippencott  Haltom City TX     David Greig-Greg-Gregg Tauranga  New Zealand 


Diaries of a Madman Christopher loves Little Boys Lippincott

WHO is behind the website attacks and slandering stories on Pete WDH


Simple if you follow the clues the attackers are all Part the RAT Team Gang. These Few have both knowledge and a hand in the Pre Planned Slander Attack.
If your near these dregs of life. maybe you could have a quiet word in their ears.

LOGAN - Todd

WHO is behind the website attacks and slandering stories on Pete WDH
Christopher Neill Lippincott of , TBR Certified Boat Sales Finleys Boats 5005 NE Loraine Street, Haltom City, Texas,

+ 1  -  817 726 9998

and Partner , Charles-T-Finley-Boat-Sales 4509,Marguerite lane, Fort Worth, Texas,


SARA-Pittman-OHIO-USA-ProstituteDruggyThief-BeavercreekATTACKS peter kuske

SARA PITTMAN EXcon 3234 Maple Wood Drive BeaverCreek OHIO 45434

SARA J PITTMAN EXcon Sara J Christy of 3234 Maple Wood Drive BeaverCreek OHIO 45434


Peter Kuske home disclosed by David Greg Greig New Zealand
David Greig 150 Ngatai Rd Otumoetai Tauranga New Zealand dazza the cameraman


STARBUCKS OREGON US32 - 3366  Portland Oregon ( Look Behind the Waste Bins ) He hacks and steals identities from Starbucks Customers
" waptek "STARBUCKS OREGON US32 - 3366  Portland Oregon ( Look Behind the Waste Bins ) He hacks and steals identities from Starbucks Customers.

WHO is behind the website attacks and slandering stories on Pete WDH

WHO is behind the website attacks and slandering stories on Peter Kuske

As the RAT Team Gang members are uncovered, as they do snitch a lot, and make mistakes, they will of course be added, but it seems these are the main Current players pushing Lippincotts Master Plan to rule Youtube and the internet..